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The Dataloy platform comes with an open, very modern, comprehensive, well documented and well proven API which is intended to be self service for customer and partners to create any form of integration between the systems.

A typical company uses many applications, of which many or most are not designed to work with one another. Integrating separate, but related, applications help organisations achieve greater levels of operational consistency, efficiency and quality.
Integration can be considered if a system generates/consumes data relevant to Dataloy VMS and/or can share master data with the VMS. Master data includes data such as vessel names, business partners, accounts, etc. and can be synchronized to or from Dataloy VMS.

The Dataloy API allows for retrieval, updating and entry of all data in Dataloy. As the API is based on REST principles it is easy to write and simple to use.

In addition to the generic API, Dataloy offers comprehensive standard API services for the following common processes:

  • Accounting Integration
  • Agency Appointment
  • Disbursement Account
  • Bills of Lading
  • Vessel Reporting
  • Vessel Schedule
  • Bunker Orders

The full documentation for all our API services can be found on

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