Fleet Allocation and Scheduling

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This new product offers ship owners exceptional oversight and control over their fleet, using algorithms to optimize route efficiency to achieve the best possible cost and time savings for chartered ships, with full VMS integration this product offers anintegrated,scalable,user friendlyandlive solution.

Currently under development with a first version due to be available in 2018. This product has been developed with a user centred approach and offers unrivalled feature rich capabilities.

The system creates the ability to generate unlimited numbers of scenarios, copy the master fleetplan and run plans through the advanced algorithms, offering extremely powerful analysis and suggestions for improvements to plans can be achieved.

The product gives ship owners:

  • Improved visualisation capability.
  • Ability to create scheduling scenarios – to find the best solutions.
  • Distribute scenarios for enhanced communication.
  • Include detailed parameters and restrictions for realistic forecasted results
  • Effective filtering and schedule views.

The scenario generating functionality enables the users to “play” with alternative plans for the current fleet, but also to set up completely new and future business cases which can be analysed using the power of the algorithms.
This first to market product offers efficiencies for fleet allocation and planning currently unrivalled in this area.

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