The Dataloy Team

Hege Jacobsen
Hege JacobsenManaging Director
Hege manages and develops the organisation. She has senior competency within business processes, organisational development and sales.
Erik F. Loy
Erik F. LoyPartner and Business Developer
Erik is partner in Dataloy Systems AS and has senior competency within business processes, especially within shipping and IT. Erik is in charge of the development of functionality of the Dataloy VMS.
Bernhard A. Hafting
Bernhard A. HaftingHead of R&D
Bernhard is at the forefront of technical development and usage here at Dataloy. He also has senior competency within shipping processes and these areas combined creates thorough expertise.
Kjersti Hartvedt
Kjersti HartvedtTraining Manager
Kjersti has thorough commercial shipping competency and is responsible for delivering required training for our clients. This includes both Dataloy VMS and most additional products. She also delivers specialist consultancy to our clients.
Kari Skadal Kyrkjeeide
Kari Skadal KyrkjeeideSales Manager
Kari ensures a high quality sales process for Dataloy and our clients when it comes to all Dataloy products and services. She will ensure clients receive a proper foundation for the decision-making process.
Ilona Belevica
Ilona BelevicaService Leader and Systems Developer
Ilona is our Service Leader and in charge of the Dataloy Service Desk Support. She is also a member of the Development and Support team.
Mariann Risløw Christensen
Mariann Risløw ChristensenManager Projects and Implementations
Mariann is responsible for managing the implementation of new Dataloy clients and additional Dataloy products. She is also the Project Manager on all other Dataloy projects.
Karl Andre Dalby
Karl Andre DalbySenior Systems Developer
Karl is a Senior Developer in Dataloy he is also a member of Development and Support team.
Andrea Biasillo
Andrea BiasilloSenior Developer and Systems Architect
Andrea has senior competency within system architecture and is our System Architect.
Hans Comtet
Hans ComtetUX Designer
Hans is focused on optimising the user experience in the Dataloy VMS and all our additional products. He works closely with clients in development projects to ensure user compliance.
Martin Sæle
Martin SæleSystems Developer
Martin is a member of the Development and Support team.
Whitney Anderson
Whitney AndersonFrontend Developer
Whitney is a member of the Development team. She has a solid foundation in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and experience with React, API’s, optimisation, debugging, responsive design and UI design.
Vemund Jakobsen
Vemund JakobsenSystems Developer
Vemund is a member of the Development and Support team.
Øystein Malt
Øystein MaltFront end architect
Øystein is a member of the Development and Support team.
Gisele Wolff
Gisele WolffSupport & Service Assoc.
Gisele is a member of the Development and Support team.
Olaf Vaher
Olaf VaherFrontend Developer
Olaf is a member of the Development team. He has a solid foundation in React, Redux and Typescript. With extensive experience in payment systems and e-commerce, his skills will enhance the development teams ability to create and maintain quality products for our customers.
Martin Fure
Martin FureDevOps
Martin has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (with a specialisation in web and mobile technology). His focus as a part of our team will be on automation and building and maintaining solutions that ensure efficient and stable delivery of our systems to our customers world-wide.
Work at Dataloy?
Work at Dataloy?