Dataloy Enterprise API

Reinforcing Additional Security

The Enterprise API brings the reliability and stability of our standard API with additional security features.

While much has been said about the positive user experience and streamlined workflow through the API, average end-users are the number one security risk an API can ever have. 

“Relax. You guys got nothing to worry about.” 

We at Dataloy, take security very seriously. Security is built in the fabric of our products and in the way we do things.

Enterprise API 

Our Enterprise API offers advanced levels of security, access and authorisation, which put to REST any security issues you may have.

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Commercial-level access:

  • Additional endpoint access, data access and attribute beyond Dataloy´s standard API
  • Scaled data rates according to your usage needs
  • Customisation on 2-factor authentication on the VMS
  • Possibility for 3rd party LDAP/AD


Professional services:

  • Dedicated developer relations support
  • Customized client on-boarding services and consultation to meet your business needs

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Connect Dataloy VMS with your Favourite Applications


Our efforts to be an open and easy system to
integrate with has led to close co-operation
with a number of world leading companies
that enables us to offer a complete ecosystem
to our customers.

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