Dataloy + OrbitMI

Machine learning and AI transform data into visualizations for decision makers

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About OrbitMI

OrbitMI Inc. is an NYC software company with offices in Sweden, Norway, Greece and Serbia, supported by a global partner network. Orbit’s products transform data into actionable visualisations for decision-makers. It aggregates and integrates data from vessels and existing shore-based systems, amplifies it using machine learning and activates it through dashboards, alerts and actionable insights delivered in real-time via desktop, tablet and smartphone. As a result, your team can more clearly see opportunities and take action where and when it matters most.

  • ORBIT (Vessel Performance)
  • OMI (Maritime Intelligence & Analytics)
  • COMPLY (Sustainability & IMO Compliance)
  • SENTRY (Vessel Tracking and Notifications)
  • CHARTR (Chartering)
  • REPORTER (Noon Reporting)
  • AI ROUTING (Routing Engine)

You deserve the best ecosystem

Why OrbitMI + Dataloy

Impact every line on the balance sheet: Experienced professionals from the maritime, energy, and enterprise technology industries created Orbit to optimize revenue, minimize capex, maximize margin and drive recurring ROI

Improve productivity by 60%: Orbit absorbs data from siloed systems in a unified view, which simplifies workflow and lets you manage more vessels with the same staff, yielding productivity gains of 60% or more

MEANINGFUL ROI AND CO2 REDUCTIONS: Operate your fleet more efficiently, resulting in increased profits and productivity, fewer bunkers consumed, and less CO2 emitted each year.

A HIGH QUALITY, STABLE AND SOPHISTICATED PRODUCT: Orbit has been in use since 2017 which means it is high quality and stable. Orbit has managed thousands of voyages, and billions of data points.

INTEGRATES WITH YOUR EXISTING SYSTEMS: Orbit is designed to integrate multiple systems, workflows, data feeds and reports in a unified interface with one login.

Integration overview and focus area

Orbit ingests data from Dataloy, integrates it with other feeds from the customer’s technology stack and applies AI/machine learning to reveal hidden insights about weather, routes, speed, consumption, TCE and more. These insights are visualised and shared across the entire business via desktop and mobile device to streamline workflows and improve organisational decision-making.

Our engagements focus relentlessly on end-user experience to customise a solution that fits your organisation and drives value in the shortest amount of time. We will work with you to evaluate your existing technology stack and understand how your current workflows can be improved. A flexible integration layer lets Orbit connect to other systems and data feeds- including spreadsheets, on-premises installations and other siloed systems—that are further enriched with machine learning and predictive models. The Orbit-Dataloy integration will unlock additional value from the vessel, voyage, itinerary, and performance data found in Dataloy’s VMS. Results include increased revenue, improved productivity, cost savings and CO2 reductions across the fleet.

How it works

The advanced and comprehensive Dataloy VMS becomes even more powerful through integrations with third-party partners such as Orbit. Orbit ingests data from endpoints in the Dataloy API and integrates that data with other feeds from the customer’s technology stack. Orbit then connects the endpoints to a modular integration layer equipped with several flexible connectors, including vessel particulars, basic voyage data, company data, reports, AIS positions, or any other data point that is relevant to the end-users. These connectors, once set- up, feed an AI and machine learning engine that further enriches the data to reveal hidden insights about the weather, routes, speed, consumption, TCE and more. These insights are visualised and shared across the entire business via desktop and mobile device to streamline workflows and improve organisational decision-making.

The integration between Orbit and Dataloy can be bi-directional: With additional permissions, Orbit users can edit entries in the Dataloy VMS as end users discover the need for updates or corrections. OAuth authentication keeps all communication between Orbit and Dataloy secure.

Shared data and permissions

Based on the security layer in Orbit, Dataloy customer data will be secured inside of Orbit’s customer scope. This will allow seamless data flow inside of customers scope in Orbit.

Depending on customer needs and permissions, Orbit can open custom endpoints via Orbit´s Scope API and allow data to be exported to other systems (Data-as-a-Service).

Benefits to Clients

  • Create alignment between operations and bunker desk in matters if bunker procurement
  • Get tailored bunker procurement recommendations per vessel, taking important. parameters and variables into account
  • Save time

Webinar on demand

Gaining Ecosystem Advantage: Bunker Optimisation

Bunkers are the single largest and highly volatile operational expense for the shipping industry.

Efficient use of bunker and bunker costs are susceptible to performance-based improvements and have a direct impact on carbon emissions and the bottom line. Hence, aligning on a proper strategy and reducing those expenditures is critical for companies that want to create and sustain a competitive advantage.

One quick win would be to use technology to improve and optimize fuel consumption and purchasing.

So, how can you adopt a more deliberate, strategic, and data-driven approach to bunker management with technology?

Attend this webinar where Fernando Alvarez reveals how you can optimise your bunker procurement strategy while planning a voyage with seamless and powerful integration between  Dataloy VMS and BunkerPlanner.

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