Our New Look

It’s fresh. It´s contemporary. 

After months of dedication, reiteration and hard work, we are proud to launch the newly redesigned website, www.dataloy-systems.com. 


Our new site is redesigned with you in mind. It is easier to use and provides more information on our products and services.

Everything you love about Dataloy will stay the same, including our innovativeness, openness, our commitment to serve you and make shipping more efficient.


We wanted to show you what sets Dataloy apart, where our Company is headed, and the benefits we deliver. Our expertise continues to grow, and the scope of our products and services are expanding. And, also to become a portal of information. 

The move seems more pertinent in these unprecedented times in order to have easy access to information and solutions to help in business continuity.

Website Redesign

Our goals in redesigning our website were simple –

  • Showcase our brand and the solutions we provide
  • Industry segmentation to enable each user group coming to the website to have a more catered experience 
  • Update the look, usability and technology to reflect our continued advancements
  • Create content to reflect Dataloy´s standards, values and strengths
  • Make the site more user-friendly, and a pleasure to read

What´s new?


Our new website features a brand new look to reflect the forward-thinking direction our products and services are taking with a clean look-and-feel and a simplified colour scheme of magenta, white, and blue. 


Reflecting Values

  1. Openness – The clean look and feel with white space and organised structure makes it easier to read. The bright colours and openness create a greater sense of space.
  2. Lean and Forward-thinking – Rubine or magenta signifies our progressive approach to technology for shipping. It is also a colour that allows us to stand out from other shipping software companies.
  3. Experience and Trust- The blue evokes a sense of security, trustworthiness and professionalism that you would expect from a software company.


Content Design & Navigation

Our improved on-site navigation helps you find information easily, which is most relevant to you. The site is easy to use and responsive. It reflects our enhanced brand and strongly showcases our range of solutions including Dataloy VMS, Fleet Allocation and Scheduling, Dataloy API Connect, Dataloy Cloud.

We have also introduced a range of new content, including a section on who we serve – the different shipping segments.

Visit our blog to discover the most updated and relevant information about us and our product portfolio.


We hope you like the newly redesigned website, and if you have any feedback, please contact us and let us know. The website will continue to grow and evolve responding to client demand for access and knowledge.


We look forward to staying connected.