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Creating an ecosystem together with our integration partners

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Dataloy API Partner Connect enables meaningful collaboration with partners focused on application platform and emerging technologies to serve the commercial maritime sector. Together, we can solve customer challenges with innovative, scalable, and flexible enterprise-ready integrations within their IT infrastructure. Dataloy API Connect for 3rd Party Partners is where we work with you to make sure your products are tested with our products and are ready to enable seamless flow of data for the customers creating an ecosystem

Partner with Dataloy API Connect to access new markets, broaden your company’s expertise, and accelerate growth.

Ikon for Access New Market Access New Market

Gain market acceptance and sales traction with Dataloy’s customer base.

Ikon for Accelerate Growth Accelerate Growth

Reduce technical and operational risk and cost by testing and validating the API integration towards Dataloy VMS.

Ikon for Enterprise Ready Enterprise Ready

Go to market with products designed for end-to-end solutions.

Ikon for Easy Integration Easy Integration

Benefit from self-service documentation and a transparent, standardised and efficient engagement process with Dataloy.

Partner Paths

Dataloy API Connect Partner Path 1

With Dataloy VMS Dev Environment

Sign-up to get access to your own DEVELOPMENT environment with a set of test data that you can use to evaluate and test API integration towards Dataloy VMS without the need to have a shared customer that provides access to such an environment.

  • DEV System: Dataloy VMS with a dummy dataset to explore different scenarios
  • Dataloy OPEN REST API
  • Hosted in the Amazon Web Services environment
  • Pre-purchased 5 hrs of technical consultancy

Dataloy API Connect Partner Path 2

With Dataloy VMS Customer DEV or Test Environment

Have a shared customer with us and would like to use their environment?

    • Request your customer to add you as a user and give you access to Dataloy VMS ́s environment with data to test and create API Integration with the Dataloy VMS.
    • Purchase 5 hrs of technical consultancy (optional)


Pre requisites

  • Customer must have an API subscription, if not, please request them to contact Dataloy.
  • Customer Dev/Test environment must have OAuth (Open Authentication) enabled

Integrating BunkerPlanner with the Dataloy API was very straightforward. After going through
a few examples with the Dataloy team, we were able to begin extracting voyage and vessel
properties from Dataloy into our application back-end. The Dataloy API opens up a plethora of
opportunities for third-party applications to leverage the VMS and create additional value to
vessel operators.

Fernando Alvarez

Co-founder and CTO of BunkerMetric

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