SEDNA partners with Dataloy Systems to drive productivity across the maritime sector

Dataloy´s new SEDNA integration ensures team members can collaborate effortlessly while optimising performance and decreasing errors. 

14.10.2021, BERGEN: Dataloy Systems, the leading provider of technologically advanced and integrated maritime software for end-to-end voyage management launches its latest integration with SEDNA, the intelligent communications system for the world’s leading shipping organisations and high-performance teams. This latest integration enables users to work smarter and faster by automating the organisation and routing of email messages.

Through the SEDNA Dataloy VMS integration, SEDNA Job References will be automatically synced with and updated based on Dataloy voyages, time charters and user assignments. This will be achieved through SEDNA’s automated tags, which enables users to filter their inbox to view only messages tagged with voyages and time charters they are assigned to, or only the messages for a specific fixture or vessel. This dramatically reduces noise, errors and missed messages.

Lakshmi Baskaran, Vice President of Engineering at SEDNA says: “We’re delighted to
have partnered with Dataloy to expand our shipping applications portfolio and continue
to help teams across the shipping industry to reduce administrative noise, internal errors,
and increase efficiency through our innovative and smart technology. At SEDNA, we’re
continuously working to improve our offerings and evolve as a business. To do so, we look
to integrate with some of the most in-demand maritime management tools, to ensure
every actor in the shipping industry, especially vessel managers, can maximise
productivity and workflow processes.”

Erik Loy, CEO and Founder of Dataloy says: “By integrating with SEDNA, we’re able to
improve our customers’ return on digital innovation investments. Vessel managers, and
more generally every actor in the shipping industry, are able to improve their time
management, optimise performance and decrease errors. SEDNA’S ability to auto tag and
organise messages by job or project, team, category, and people involved, will
dramatically reduce time spent wading through emails for the necessary information,
whilst minimising distractions and improving workflow.”

Brenda Stich, IT Manager at G2 Ocean, says: “At G2 Ocean we see the need to innovate
and digitalize our systems and workflows. The collaboration between SEDNA and Dataloy
has already improved the handling of our day-to-day voyage data. For example, most
emails are auto-tagged with the appropriate Dataloy vessel and voyage number, allowing
the users to identify relevant messages at a glance and save time manually
tagging/archiving. SEDNA recently improved the accuracy of this auto-tagging, based on
G2 Ocean’s requirements. Having partners that listen to our needs and provide solutions
that we can trust allows us to be more agile and perform consistently for our customers.”


SEDNA is email reimagined, built with intelligence and team collaboration at its core. Emails and communication are enriched in real-time with information about the projects and transactions they’re related to. Within SEDNA’s digital workspace, individuals can seamlessly collaborate and execute with increasing speed while delivering a single source of truth for the whole organization through one integrated system.

About Dataloy Systems

Dataloy Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of technologically advanced and integrated maritime software. It offers a cloud-based Voyage Management System (VMS) that is the core of all your maritime operations: from planning to execution to post fixture. Dataloy VMS may be easily connected to internal and external apps enabling bi-directional flow of data for platform thinking. Headquartered in Bergen, Dataloy serves some of the world ́s largest clients globally in the commercial maritime sector: dry cargo, tankers, specialized cargo, offshore, and combination carriers. Our solutions empower diverse stakeholders and roles to identify new opportunities and proactively manage their business to make more profitable decisions related to worldwide chartering and operations. At Dataloy, we work side-by-side with our customers to tackle the toughest challenges in shipping and build partnerships through integrations to create an ecosystem based on openness and unlimited possibilities. Learn more at