Reimagine the way you work with Dataloy Voyage Management System (VMS) -the transformational web platform for your end-to-end maritime workflow


Empowering our clients

Smart interface design

The VMS web platform has a modern and user-friendly interface. It is designed to be intuitive, concise and consistent. This improves its efficiency in completing tasks and ultimately reinforces user satisfaction.


The VMS web platform is equipped with an agile, cloud-based architecture, the whole platform and all its features are accessible from anywhere, on all browsers and devices. You can now keep track of your business while you’re at your office or on the go!

Instant updates

Stay on top of important events by choosing to be notified of important events as they happen.


Empowering every role

The next generation VMS is advanced, yet user-friendly & secure – a service that promotes efficiency by improving workflow and supporting the user.

  • The modern, cloud-based design of the software offers you and your team a complete overview of your current cargo, vessels, voyages, and schedule.
  • The user-friendly visualization and modern software architecture enable you to work faster than the java voyage management system, saving valuable working time in chartering and operations every day.
  • You get a better overview of costs and revenue and you can react faster to new inquiries.

Collaborate with everyone, at every stage

Deliver as a team

Collaborate with your team and users in real-time in a secure environment through direct input of various vessel reports and comments features. Leverage data that you can trust. Make decisions faster and with greater reliability.

  • Advanced collaboration using in-app communication

The ability to comment and mention within the system is a great way to collaborate and build team synergy in a shared account environment. You can even use them on your own updates to add follow-up information mitigating the use of email and quickly relay messages.

  • Collaborate across your ecosystem

The Dataloy VMS is seamlessly integrated with best of breed applications and external systems, making it possible for all stakeholders to stay updated.


Efficient collaboration between ship and shore

Online vessel reporting

Timely ship-shore communication is very vital to get actionable knowledge, predictions and insights, which allows for continuous process improvements and optimal performance throughout the voyage.

  • Single source of information – one platform

Dataloy VMS Vessel enables real-time communication closing the communication gap between the ship and shore and facilitating collaboration between your office and vessel. It allows for standardised direct input of Arrival, Departure, Noon reports and Port call reports in the Dataloy VMS.

  • Make strategic decisions with real-time reports

Optimised data and ship-shore communications enable you to negotiate claims better and improve bunker procurement decisions for better revenue.


Empower your itinerary management with visualisations


When an entire voyage is laid out— with loading ports, bunkering, discharge ports, and the route— in sequential order, in a visual format, progress can quickly be assessed, summarized and reported on. Any potential challenges can also be identified in a more timely manner and specific patterns can be detected.

Researchers have found that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than plain text. The new web interface in Dataloy VMS takes advantage of this fact by displaying information in a visual way, thereby greatly increasing a user’s productivity.

  • Drag and drop

Change an event’s dates, route or move it up and down on your timeline by dragging and dropping it.

  • Visualise and track their progress in real-time

With the new timeline feature, you can make timely decisions with a single glance as the feature allows you to update your plans in real-time so you can retain flexibility and adapt to changes.

The map

Experience the most visual and collaborative workspace to visualise voyage when planning routes in VMS web: the interactive map.

You can calculate routes from sea to port or point to port. This can be fine-tuned by defining several parameters such as ECA zones, piracy zones, canals and port entries.

Our map produces a visual plan for you to follow, that factors in travel time and sea distances – for better decision making.

  • Emissions control areas

Choose to avoid or not travel in ECA zones. Get the shortest route around these zones or distances travelled in the zone to better monitor fuel consumption.

  • Special areas

Choose whether you want to avoid a specific area/zones or a list of areas such as piracy zones, territorial zones and canals.

  • Drag and drop

The second phase will see drag & drop functionality added to the map as well. After a route has been calculated, it could be subsequently ‘fine-tuned’ to your specific needs by dragging and dropping in the map to re-order them as appropriate. The route’s distance and duration will then be automatically updated to reflect the new route order in the timeline.


Empowering You with Openness & Security


Dataloy believes in openness: open standards, open platforms, and open ecosystems.

  • Seamless integration with best of breed applications

Dataloy VMS allows you to leverage data more effectively, and increase API partnerships by seamlessly connecting to the technology you need.

  • Data

Gain freedom and flexibility through improved data access by connecting VMS as the core system with other technologies and tools.


The Dataloy security features help you empower your users to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

  • Manage user permissions and visibility

Create role-based access to protect the data on your company’s account. Limit what users can and cannot see, access and do with user permission and roles.

  • Multi-factor authentication

We mandate multi-factor authentication (MFA) on VMS. These actions will help mitigate the impact of stolen credentials across the organisation.


Plan and execute in one place

Excited to board?

The new web version of Dataloy VMS will be more powerful, and efficient than ever before – empowering every user, many roles.