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Thanks to our affordable, web-scale business intelligence tool, business users can get quick answers to their questions through self-service reports, dashboards and analysis.

We recognize that every user has different informational needs. Whether you are an executive who wants an interactive dashboard on your iPad, a manager who wants to drill to detail in an interactive report or an analyst who needs to explore and visualize data, our complete self-service business intelligence tool has all you need.

You can share beautiful print-ready and interactive reports and dashboards with as many people as you want — inside or outside your organization.

Reporting — Stay informed and make better decisions Dataloy Business Intelligence reporting tool takes information from your Voyage Management System (VMS) and presents it in an easy-to-read, highly interactive format for business users.

  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop report designer lets you build interactive crosstabs, tables, and chart-based reports using a standard browser or mobile device.
  • Embeddable interactive viewer lets you integrate interactive reports inside web applications or distribute in email to your entire company Analysis – Spot trends and identify issues Dataloy Business Intelligence data analysis tool is used to model, manipulate and visualize any flavor of your Voyage Management data in order to make better decisions quickly.
  • Visualize any data with interactive charts, maps and widgets.
  • Multi-Level Zoom quickly visualizes summary and detail data without having to create separate chart views.
  • Browser-based interactive interface supports drilling, slicing and dicing, pivoting, filtering, and interactive charting.
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