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Our next-gen Voyage Management System is a powerful combination of intuitiveness, collaboration and efficiency — providing greater flexibility, amplifying business intelligence and performance, and reducing the burden of managing multiple solutions.

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One platform for better voyage management and profitability

Based on decades of expertise arranging millions of cargo unit movements from, through, and to over 10,000 ports worldwide, the Dataloy Voyage Management System (VMS) incorporates best practises and satisfies all of the major maritime stakeholders’ planning, operational, and financial demands.

VMS revolutionises voyage management by providing a robust solution that supports end-to-end voyage management. It handles complex calculations and enables you to make informed decisions in real-time.

VMS leverages a truly unified customer experience and features an open API that helps break digital silos, avoid duplication and inconsistency.

It provides a comprehensive and secure ecosystem that supports decision-making for your entire organisation, empowering you to make optimal decisions, reduce errors and delays, and improve operational efficiency

It does all of this fast, allowing you to focus on improving the quality and profitability of your voyage and its management.

identify opportunities

Instant business visibility

Key information anywhere, anytime

VMS is the most effective way to manage your vessels through a centralised, all-encompassing end-to-end process from planning to financial closing. All important current and historical information needed to make the best decisions across chartering, operations and finance is available in an intuitive, fast and mobile friendly user interface.

Communicate, share and follow the action

Use comments and mentions to communicate and collaborate around any voyage, port call, cargo or transaction. Share efficiently and allow your co-workers to access your data directly through web links. Receive push or email alerts to follow the action as it happens and get notified instantly of any important events.


Efficient decision making tools for chartering

Follow vessel positions and manage cargoes

Keep on top of and follow the latest vessel positions across the fleet, using quick-filters, sorting and mobile features. Quick entry of cargo opportunities. Categorise, filter, view and edit open cargoes.

Powerful voyage estimates and chartering Features

Combine vessels and cargo in voyage estimates using owned, TC in or voyage chartered tonnage with spot cargo, CoAs or TC out. The chartering features in VMS delivers a unique set of capabilities that enable you to nominate voyages, compare voyage estimates and vessel scenarios and subsequently answer critical chartering questions about vessel capacity, fuel consumption, port costs and profitability.

Contract management

Maintain complete records of all TC contracts and COA details. Use contract records as base templates for new business and pick up contract details directly into new estimates.


Streamline operational planning and execution

Complete overview for the operator

Optimise performance and deployment of every leg of your voyage with real-time operational visibility from anywhere with our operations module in VMS that’s used by the best in the shipping industry. Our intelligent communications feature alerts you to relevant events along your ships’ routes, helping you maximise on-time deliveries and reduce overall transportation costs. Real-time operational visibility helps operators track 24/7 operations from anywhere on smartphones or tablets and integrates with existing systems, enabling you to work smarter and faster, increase efficiency, and reduce costs across the maritime enterprise.

Track vessels at sea and in port

Quickly review all your upcoming port calls and access all details when needed. Receive arrival, in port and departure reports and update actuals and ROBs with automatic update of the profit & loss of the voyage. Create and manage laytime calculations from draft to settled with automatic retrieval of statement of facts and terms from charter parties and operations. Manage offhire, ranging from technical offhire for own vessels to offhire to be deducted against hire for either TC owners or charterers.

Plan and automate your bunker and service orders

VMS allows the management of all bunker orders, ensuring efficient negotiation and maximum control. The module gives you visibility and enhances bunker processes. Synchronise automatically with suppliers and bunker optimisation systems of your choice, like Clearlynx, BunkerPlanner and World Fuel Services. Manage Service Orders for agents and other port suppliers. Connect hub agency systems or DA handling providers like DA-Desk and DIABOS.

invoice, reconcile and control

Easily manage finance and reconciliation

Ensure timely invoicing of receivables

Invoice any receivable item with automatic generation of pending transactions, such as freight, hire, demurrage, and so on. Keep track of the status of received cash and the ageing of each invoice. Automatically transfer data to your financial system via our API.

Gain control of incoming invoices

Track incoming invoices and match against orders. Attach original documents, approve and transfer to your financial system via our API. Automatically track payment status and aging.

Produce final results to management and stakeholders

Finalise monthly, quarterly and yearly financial results using the automated accruals to gather, compare and post adjustments, including bunker stock reconciliation.

everyone sees the whole picture

Collaborate with everyone, at every stage

Making team work easier

Collaborate with your team and users in real-time in a secure environment through direct input of various vessel reports and comments features. Leverage data that you can trust. Make decisions faster and with greater reliability.

In-app communication

Advanced collaboration using in-app communication via the ability to comment and mention within the system is a great way to collaborate and build team synergy in a shared account environment.

Leverage a growing ecosystem

Collaborate across your ecosystem: Dataloy VMS is seamlessly integrated with best of breed applications and external systems, making it possible for all stakeholders to stay updated.​

Get even more out of VMS

Fleet Allocation & Scheduling

FAS is the perfect solution for fleet deployment, scheduling and planning. This product gives you a complete overview and control over your fleet.

Business Intelligence

Use analytics to create value for shipowners and charterers by influencing decisions across various functions of the maritime business, responding to new possibilities, driving business growth, and revealing hidden intelligence.


The VMS API is designed to connect Dataloy VMS to the best in breed solutions for the maritime industry, helping you expand your product lines, increase the pace of innovation, and cut costs and time for integration.

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