Dataloy Cloud

Reliable, scalable and secure hosting

We simplify hosting to empower shipping companies to focus on delivering business value in a changing market with our stable, reliable and secure hosting platform.

Built on the secure and robust Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, Dataloy offers a hosted cloud solution providing all Dataloy products as services.

Dataloy has extensive knowledge and more than ten years of experience managing hosting in the cloud using the Amazon AWS platform. We have managed several complex migrations and have designed solutions that address a wide range of challenges that companies are facing today.

The solution is fully automated and is highly flexible and scalable. Customisation to the standard product can be done in case of special needs — Eg.- extended access to certain services, special security requirements, and more.

Cost-effective Managed Infrastructure

Reduce costs or render them more predictable, by hosting and deploying business-critical software application within Dataloy. IT managers do not have to think about application and database servers, licences and complex cost structures to serve their users, using our hosting option.

Business Continuity

Thanks to our stable and reliable hosting platform, our customers can rely on the system being available 24/7 – 365. We also support you, so that you are always covered— if you need assistance.


The solution is highly scalable and can be adjusted to fit any need enabling users from any organisation to utilise the hosting offerings provided.

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