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Dataloy API Partner Connect enables meaningful collaboration with partners focused on application platform and emerging technologies to serve the commercial maritime sector. Together, we can solve customer challenges with innovative, scalable, and flexible enterprise-ready integrations within their IT infrastructure. Dataloy API Connect for 3rd Party Partners is where we work with you to make sure your products are tested with our products and are ready to enable seamless flow of data for the customers creating an ecosystem

Partner with Dataloy API Connect to access new markets, broaden your company’s expertise, and accelerate growth.

Why should You Partner with Dataloy API

Ikon for Accelerate New Growth Accelerate New Growth

Reduce technical and operational risk and cost by testing and validating the API integration towards Dataloy VMS.

Ikon for Easy Integration Easy Integration

Benefit from self-service documentation and a transparent, standardised and efficient engagement process with Dataloy.

Ikon for Access New Markets Access New Markets

Expand your client portfolio and gain sales traction with Dataloy’s customer base.

Find your Fit

Dataloy builds integrated software solutions for the maritime sector to make shipping more efficient.

Our flexible, value-based partner program provides the skills, tools, and support you need to take advantage of a digitally transforming world where your customer’s business relies on delivering a better experience.

No two businesses are the same, which is why our program is based on capabilities and contributions. Expand your business and services by choosing the option that works for you.

Affiliate Dataloy Connect Partner


Everything you need to get up and running to create an integration for a specific customer. You’ll get complete access to the product documentation. You can request for training and buy blocks of consultancy, which can be used at will.

Chief Dataloy Connect Partner


Build enterprise-ready integrations to ensure your products and solutions are built right and ready for customers. This partnership gives you access to Dataloy VMS dev environment, dummy data, documentation, maintenance and support and 5 hours of technical consultancy. Create standardised solutions or build flexible solutions to find new opportunities, stay competitive, and meet market demand.

Master Dataloy Connect Partner


For the truly committed with all the benefits of Select Partners but with more gains, Master Partners are fully accredited partners with validated skills that are developed through a wealth of enablement resources and certifications. It includes all the benefits above with additional support and services, including additional promotional services, and access to more leads.

Affiliate Dataloy Connect Partner

Chief Dataloy Connect Partner

Master Dataloy Connect Partner


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Access to Customer Dev/Test Environment

Dedicated Dataloy VMS Dev Environment

Annual Meeting

API Product Consulting


Tech Certifications


Go-to-Market Collaterals

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Lead Distribution

Standardised Integration with cost benefits

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More benefits to come

Comprehensive Accreditation and Certification


Dataloy is soon launching comprehensive accreditation and certification of third-parties, to allow partners to gain a detailed understanding of the freight market dynamics and solution-based needs. All of this will be offered through online learning paths as well as regular training to support rapid skill development. We are looking for partners who share our vision, culture, and passion for openness, innovation and platform thinking to work together to help make your and our client´s workflow more streamlined and efficient.

Path to Partnerships


Build your integration


Submit your partner application (with your integration documentation and customer list) for review.

Partner Agreement

Sign our mutual partnership and agreements to become a  technology partner and obtain certifications to become a Master Partner.

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