Drive Profitability Through Better Fleet Allocation and Scheduling Decisions

Take control of your fleet. Replace spreadsheets and paper processes with a decision support system that will help you optimise your fleet based on charterers, schedulers, and operators’ needs.

Strategic Planning

A powerful schedule-optimization system

FAS assists in the creation and delivery of robust, reliable, and feasible operating schedules for your fleet. The solution enables users to collaborate, make informed decisions, and respond rapidly to an evolving business climate. It is easy to use, customizable, and scalable.

FAS assigns the most suitable vessel to the voyage, mitigating late days and allowing for maximum vessel utilisation. It integrates economic and operational data from across the fleet to generate fleet recommendations that are powerful, feasible, and profitable.


Visualise and Analyse

Voyage Scheduling

Stay on top of your commitments and scheduled voyages. The board gives you a comprehensive insight into all aspects of the voyages in your schedule: operational, contractual or financial. Find the best open position for your next commitment with a few clicks. With a simple drag and drop, you can create schedules, generate new insights, and then act on them – all in real-time.

Cargo Scheduling

Cargo Scheduling allows a user to plan their cargo between vessels in a visually intuitive way. Combining drag and drop functionality with automatic calculation of key performance indicators (KPIs) like vessel utilisation, days in port, TCE and so on makes it easy for you to be efficient and achieve good value for money when managing cargo. At the same time, it is possible to assess business cases without having to do tedious calculations quickly.


Compare and Optimise

Enhance strategic planning: Scenarios

Create and compare a number of scenarios using known data, including how they affect operations from start to finish and their effect on KPIs. The solution encourages the planner's soft skills and expertise, allowing for the creation of optimal plans and the planner's readiness for any eventuality.

Flexibility: transfer cargoes

Addressing advanced transportation chains where a cargo is partially shipped by subcontractors or transportation from start to finish is accomplished in two parts by two vessels. All of this can be modelled in FAS, saving you both time and money.

Improve vessel utilisation

The Capacity Plan module coordinates vessel capacity, booked cargo and possible cargo between the chartering and scheduling department to avoid over and under capacity. This tool let's you see the future balance between cargoes and vessels region by region.

Laycan Alerts

Don’t miss a beat. We’ll keep you updated on voyage status and avoid higher costs with early detection of expected delays. Core elements include awareness of possible cancellation fees and slack time forecasts.


Operational Situation Awareness

Proactive planning: Fleet Boards

View your critical maritime data and make simple, informed decisions with an overview of the current state of affairs on a single screen. FAS is a sophisticated tool that allows users to capture the geographical distribution of vessels, the flow of time and capacity on a 2D screen.

Comprehensive overview

FAS offers a single point of access for all information related to scheduling. It makes planning simpler. It's simple to find the information you need at any time: a summary of the entire fleet for planning purposes or individual data for every vessel logged in the system at a glance through the phases of chartering, scheduling, and operations with enhanced flexibility, reduced risk, and reduced administrative effort.


You can actively collaborate with your team or across departments on fleet operations with various users, flexible permissions and features built around exception management.

Enhance your workflow with Dataloy VMS Platform

Voyage Management System

Dataloy Voyage Management System is VMS is an advanced and comprehensive software for voyage management at all its stages, from planning to post-fixture.

Fleet Allocation & Scheduling

FAS is the perfect solution for fleet deployment, scheduling and planning. This product gives you a complete overview and control over your fleet.


The VMS API is designed to connect Dataloy VMS to the best in breed solutions for the maritime industry, helping you expand your product lines, increase the pace of innovation, and cut costs and time for integration.

Let us help you get the most out of your fleet.