Meet the team

We are a tight-knit community of like-minded and passionate specialists in our field with a wide range of talents but one shared ambition—to do great work.

We turn ideas into algorithms. Concepts into code. And, we support each other do a better job each day thanks to the common principles that drive us.

What we believe in

Our values

Openness. Integrity. Transparency.

Founded on trust, delivering on transparency.

Diversity. Belonging. Unity. Inclusive.

Diversity & inclusion: a new generation standing in solidarity

Brave. Passionate. Challenger.

Be bold: greatness requires daring

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Erik Fritz Loy

Founder & CEO
Bernhard A Hafting

Bernhard A Hafting


Maria-Louise Rygg

HR Manager
Hege Jacobsen

Hege Jacobsen

Head of Partner Relations

Anumita Bhargava

Marketing & Communication Consultant
Andrea Biasillo

Andrea Biasillo

Product Owner & Systems Architect

Julie Schasler

Product Owner
Dataløy 7

Kjersti Hartvedt

Senior Solutions Consultant
Jan Petter Rasmussen

Jan Petter Rød Rasmussen

Senior Solutions Consultant

Cecilie Dyngeland

Solutions Consultant
Dataløy 6

Mariann Christensen

Manager Projects and Implementations
Dataløy 23

Stanisław Zawieja

Data Analyst Consultant
Dataløy 18 (1)

Niphat Wibulphan

UX/ UI Design Lead
Dataløy 10

Ilona Belevica

Service Lead & Senior Systems Developer
Gisele Wolff

Gisele Wolff

Support & Service Associate
Kjetil Hjartnes

Kjetil Hjartnes

Front End Lead
Dataløy 14

Karl André Dalby

Senior Systems Developer
Dataløy 27

Vemund Jakobsen

Senior Systems Developer
Dataløy 19

Tom Rune

Systems Developer
Dataløy 5

Espen Kuvås

Systems Developer
Dataløy 16

Sagar Sen

Systems Developer
Dataløy 22

Lakshmi Sujatha Gajjarapu

Systems Developer
Dataløy 1

Karin Rohringer

Systems Developer
Dataløy 15

Enah Grace Lanto

Systems Developer
Dataløy 20

Raida Talukdar

Systems Developer
Dataløy 12

Martin Fure

DevOps Engineer
Dataløy 17

Gaurav Kant Tyagi

DevOps Engineer

We believe supporting personal development creates a positive culture and environment for everyone.

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