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November 30, 2023

Momentum Connect: Bergen Edition

Navigate the confluence of collaboration, compassion, and cutting-edge tech. Get an exclusive first look at Dataloy's newest product developments, connect with maritime peers, and elevate your operational prowess.

December 6, 2023

EU ETS Compliance: Unveiling the Power of ESG-NRG's ETS Manager with Dataloy VMS Integration

Navigate EU ETS Compliance effortlessly with ESG-NRG's ETS Manager. Integrate with Dataloy VMS, leverage advanced price predictions, and embrace integrated trading. With 2024 carbon pricing looming, act now.

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EU ETS Compliance: Unveling the Power of ESG-NRG´s ETS Manager with Dataloy VMS Integration

Navigate EU ETS Compliance effortlessly with ESG-NRG´s ETS Manager. Integrated with Dataloy VMS, leverage advanced price predictions, and embrace integrated trading.

Weather-Driven Decisions: Optimize Your Routes and Voyages with the Power of Dataloy & Weathernews Integration.

Dive into Dataloy & Weathernews’ Integration, optimising routes, enhancing decision-making, and boosting voyage profitability. Experience the future of weather-driven voyage management.

Automate crew changes with Greywing + Dataloy

Watch the second webinar by Greywing where they introduce – a revolutionary functionality to the integration that will redefine crew changes and crew matrix planning. The automated crew changes platform, has added this game-changing product to its suite, powered by the same technology that fuels Chat-GPT.

Revolutionize your port calls with The Ship and Dataloy

The Ship AS shares insights on developing best practices, gathering structured data, and bringing stakeholders together for better performance, reporting, and processes. Plus, learn how integrating with Dataloy can boost efficiency and profitability. Don’t miss this chance to take your port operations to the next level – watch the recorded webinar now and learn from the experts!

Dataloy Integrated Bunker Platform

Are you tired of juggling multiple systems and manual data entry to manage your bunker procurement? Watch how ZeroNorth and Dataloy Systems integration can revolutionize your shipping operations, by streamlining the bunker procurement process, optimizing bunker consumption and providing real-time insights to optimize your voyage management decisions.

Fuelling Bunker Optimisation with Dataloy + s-Insight | Bunker

Bunkers are the single largest and most highly volatile operational expense for the shipping industry. Learn how to adopt a more deliberate, strategic, and data-driven approach to bunker management with technology.Christian Plum, Ph.D., Head of Bunker Product at StormGeo, will present best practices for optimizing your bunker procurement strategy while planning a voyage with a seamless and powerful integration between Dataloy VMS and s-Insight | Bunker.

Integrate Vessel Performance insights with Dataloy

All operators know that keeping a vessel hull clean and smooth is crucial for optimal performance. However, due to many factors, such as long idling or poor-performing hull coatings, the vessel resistance will continuously increase between dry dockings. Utilizing the VESPER service from Vessel Performance Solutions allows operators to monitor and track the hull and propeller performance of the fleet, and ensure best performance. 

And with the new integration between VESPER and Dataloy, updating the vessels Speed & Consumption profiles has been made significantly easier. This integration will allow better estimation of the vessels fuel consumption in Dataloy VMS, once the underlying master data is kept up to date.

How to automate crew changes with Greywing + Dataloy

The integration between Greywing’s Crew Change and Dataloy VMS allows two parallel operations – crew management and voyage operations – to seamlessly connect for smoother operations. Businesses are focused intently on saving costs by streamlining crew changes, finding cost-effective flights and agencies and planning routes. Watch Nick Clarke, CEO of Greywing demonstrate how you can automate crew changes with Greywing + Dataloy.

How to sail carbon neutral with ESG-NRG + Dataloy

Carbon offset credits can significantly reduce emissions or remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. However, many companies feel they lack the resources to play their part in the transition to Net Zero. The integration between ESG-NRG and Dataloy allows the automatic and on-demand transfer of route, cargo and bunkering data needed to facilitate carbon-neutral voyages.

Watch Janek Ekeli, Cofounder & CEO of ESG-NRG, demonstrate how the ESG-NRG + Dataloy partnership can offset your carbon credits

How to manage your bunker risk with Dataloy + Prosmar

Do you know how changes in bunker prices impact your bottom line? If bunker prices skyrocket, are you safe? If bunker prices plummet, do you have risks in a different form? Does your bunker surcharge efficiently address your exposure, or are there blind spots that leave you vulnerable? Are you aware of factors and variables which will cause prices to fluctuate daily?

Watch webinar where Ali Jourabchi, CEO of Prosmar AS, demonstrates how to gauge your exposure and respond appropriately via bunker benchmarking and planning.

How to make your financial and operational systems collaborate efficiently

Overview is essential in the shipping industry; data needs to flow constantly so that everyone is informed of the latest updates. Whether an invoice is issued, the estimated result on a voyage, or when a port cost is paid. To achieve this overview, the operational and financial systems need to collaborate and share relevant data.

VIEW Maritime offers this overview with Xledger as your accounting system through a modern, seamless integration with Dataloy VMS. 

Seamless voyage management with Dataloy + SEDNA

Shipping is a global, high-speed, and information-intensive industry that runs 24 / 7 / 365.

Vessel managers need to stay on top of thousands of emails per day and sync this core data in their voyage management system (VMS) to operate smoothly.

Join Kirk Wedge and Stu Hornsey to learn more about how the Dataloy and SEDNA integration will provide the visibility you need for seamless voyage management.