Consulting & Implementation

End-to end capabilities

Dataloy can deliver end-to-end consulting and implementation as a service solution to help get you up and running quickly.

The benefits of cloud are apparent—agility, speed to innovation and lower IT costs, to name a few. However, migration can be complicated and disruptive.

Dataloy Consulting & Implementation as a Service handles your migration and its complexities from start to finish, letting you focus on your business.

Our time tested migration service utilises the best mix of experience, tools and processes to ensure a cost-effective and risk-free transition.

We work with your scope and requirements to design and execute a thorough, phased migration plan with security, compliance, performance, and minimal disruption.

The service offers multiple “Legacy to Cloud”, “Cloud to Cloud” and “Cloud Migration between Regions” migration options.


The Implementation Process

1. Plan & Assess

Our team performs a deep-dive analysis of your current application architecture, map your business needs, Identify and fill gaps in your governance, performance, security, and more, and develop strategic priorities for the migration effort.

2. Configure

We configure our standard solution to the needs of your organisation. From compliance to cost-management, test an end-to-end migration in your production environment to align with your operational requirements.

3. Migration & Testing

We minimise any speculation with migrations: with a detailed strategy in place. Run full and incremental migrations from source to destination and provide status reports to stakeholders and business users.

Let us help you get the most out of your Data in VMS