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Choose from our trusted partners to help you build an integration.

Master Partners

The highest level of mastery of the Dataloy API. These are accredited API Partners who demonstrate a high level of competence and provide exceptional service to customers of all sizes. They have validated skills and have proven practises that can scale from small to large customers.



Greywing is a digital disruptor in the maritime industry that optimizes your decision-making: from booking flights for your crew to reducing your CO2 costs. Our flagship product, Crew Change, enables you to plan and execute a crew change in under 60 seconds.



Prosmar AS is a specialist risk software/ service provider. Since 2013, they have assisted shipping companies in effectively managing bunker and freight risk by providing tools, systems, and training.



World’s leading provider of weather-driven solutions and intelligence for people and businesses. They are the most trusted name in weather risk advisement internationally with their unique approach to collecting, analysing and reporting weather information.



ESG-NRG is an independent environmental commodities platform provider and advisory service for the shipping industry. 

Its flagship product, the Marine Offset Platform (MOP), enables the maritime community to remove CO2 emissions in a transparent marketplace for high-quality carbon removal projects.


Vessel Performance Solutions

Vessel Performance Solutions specializes in the analysis of operational performance data from ships to provide performance evaluation and decision support related to energy saving purposes.  



Ninety Percent of Everything (90POE) is a service that helps ship owners and operators extract useful data from their data.



SEDNA is email reimagined, built for integrations and team collaboration. Emails and communication are enriched in real time with references to transactions and integrated apps.



Chinsay’s Intelligent Contract Platform (ICP) revolutionises your contracting workflow, making your business more efficient.


VIEW Maritime

VIEW Maritime provides the cloud-based ERP-system Xledger integrated with Dataloy, combined with IT- and Accounting services.


StormGeo – Bunker

s-Bunker is a cloud-based software program, supporting operations, charterers and bunker managers in planning and procurement of bunkers.



ClearLynx offers a complete bunker procurement solution with tools to help with pricing, voyage planning, inquiry management, fuel quality data, invoicing, and a reporting package with price benchmarking, peer performance, quality and more.



Orbit is a suite of integrated business solutions that enables shipowners, operators and pool managers to grow profitability, support sustainability and strengthen collaboration.


World Fuel Services

World Fuel Services is a global energy management company involved in providing energy procurement advisory services, supply fulfillment and transaction and payment management solutions to commercial and industrial customers, principally in the aviation, marine and land transportation industries.

master offers owners, operators, charterers and brokers a collaborative space where information can be shared and leveraged throughout the chartering and vetting processes.


The Ship

The Ship AS delivers digital solutions for SOF, demurrage and real time port operations, helping your company work smarter. Gain insights and improve efficiency by using your facts to fuel knowledge and get competitive advantages

Chief Partners

Highly trained organisations demonstrating proficiency in understanding Dataloy API, implementation approach, and core functionality. Build standardised integrations using the Dataloy VMS DEV environment, which can be customised for customer needs.



Agency / DA

GAC is a pioneer of the global hub agency concept, developing it in response to calls for a one world, one agent approach to shipping.

About the Integration

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Affiliate Partners

Individuals or organisations that have made one-to-one integration using the customer dev or test environment.

Potential upcoming partners

DanelecConnect provides a complete ship-2-shore data automation solution in just a few steps and is quickly becoming the reference in the field of maritime IoT. It brings maritime digitalization into the mainstream and is the result of Danelec’s two decades of expertise within vessel data collection as a leading Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) manufacturer.

Kyma Ship Performance is a sophisticated solution for overall vessel performance monitoring. This system integrates the Kyma Power Meter system with advanced Windows based PC software that continuously monitors performance data.

Binfer is a maritime software company that helps ship managers, owners, and technology providers improve their process of transferring data between ship and shore. Their products automate frequent data replication tasks and transfer files of any size, volume or format with 100% reliability.