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Normalize Voluntary Carbon Pricing

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ESG-NRG is an independent environmental commodities platform provider and advisory service for the maritime transportation industry.

The Marine Offset Platform (MOP), ESG-NRG’s flagship product, enables the maritime community to remove and offset CO2 emissions in a transparent marketplace for high-quality carbon removal projects.

ESG-NRG is headquartered in Oslo and has a Miami office. We are committed to assisting industry initiatives to improve carbon credit quality and carbon market transparency.


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Why Dataloy + ESG-NRG?

Estimate emissions for future voyages using the MOP's algorithms

Integrate with the API to send vessel schedules, cargo information, and bunker consumption statistics directly to the MOP

Calculate your freight's carbon impact by allocating cargo emissions Evaluate carbon removal projects with our 3rd-party rating system and in-house reporting

Formulate an economically feasible average carbon price by blending together nature-based and durable high-tech carbon removal solutions

Facilitate payment and retirement of carbon credits using the MOP's order management system

Demonstrate your operational and retrofit emission reduction measures and illustrate your ESG strategy by contributing all relevant information to our public carbon ledger

Integration overview and focus area

The Marine Offset Platform receives data on routing, cargo, and bunkering via Dataloy’s API. This eliminates the need for operators to double-enter data and ensures that information published on the public carbon ledger is derived from a primary source and not based on approximations.


How it works

With the click of a button, a previously completed or upcoming voyage that has been entered into Dataloy can be shared to the Marine Offset Platform.

The integration between ESG-NRG and Dataloy is currently one-directional, meaning changes made in the MOP are not written back to Dataloy.

We only require a few fields of non-sensitive data, so your freight rates and even your bunker costs remain unseen by ESG-NRG.

Benefits to Clients

Ensure your corporate reputation remains unblemished

Enhance partnerships with environmentally conscious cargo owners

Maximize the positive returns of your ESG strategy 

Webinar on demand

How to sail carbon neutral with ESG-NRG +Dataloy

Carbon offset credits can significantly reduce emissions or remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. However, the carbon market lacks transparency and many companies feel they lack the resources to play their part in the transition to Net Zero. 

The integration between ESG-NRG’s Marine Offset Platform (MOP) and Dataloy VMS allows the automatic and on-demand transfer of route, cargo and bunkering data needed to facilitate carbon-neutral voyages.

Watch Janek Ekeli, Cofounder & CEO of ESG-NRG, demonstrate how the ESG-NRG + Dataloy partnership can offset your carbon credits.

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