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About Vessel Performance Solutions

Vessel Performance Solutions specializes in the analysis of operational performance data from ships to provide performance evaluation and decision support related to energy saving purposes.  

Vessel Performance Solutions intuitive web platform VESPER provides ship owners/operators with easy access to answers on complex issues by creating insight into their fleet performance. This is done without having to install equipment or software onboard the vessel or in the office, only through analysis of existing operational data in the existing formats. VESPER is used by several significant operators and owners and currently supports more than 1000 vessels.   

 Vessel Performance Solutions also supports the change management process related to increasing the awareness of shipping entities in areas related to technical management, operations, and asset management. Vessel Performance Solutions mission is to help customers gain easy access to answers on complex issues that will improve their decision-making regarding vessel performance management and thereby reduce their fuel costs and C02 emission. 

 Vessel Performance Solutions is a Danish company headquartered in Copenhagen and with a subsidiary office in Athens. The company founded by Jakob Buus Petersen and Kristian Bendix Nielsen in 2014.  

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Integration overview and focus area

For successful voyage management, accurate prediction of fuel consumption and optimising fuel efficiency is fundamental. VESPER gives these valuable insights via illustrated calibrated speed and consumption tables based on accurate ships model combined with Vessel Performance Solutions’ strong analytical expertise and commercial knowledge about shipping. The reports in VESPER provide insights that improve the clients’ decisions making on issues such as understanding and accurately predicting fuel consumption. VESPER is an essential tool for cost reduction.   

VESPER provides increased capability for scenario simulation which can help all vessel owners/ managers determine the right speed instruction given the commercial restraints.   

 Vessel Performance Solutions’ focus area is the update of the master data including the vessel speed for accurate fuel consumption. This will provide the joint clients with commercial decisions through better estimation of voyage costs.

Vessel Performance Solutions’ offers a state-of-the-art solution that helps the clients make the most of their vessel data. a

How it works

The VESPER system calibrates the speed and computation data using either noon or auto log data. The resulting fuel tables will be made available to Dataloy users by updating the Ship Master data. 

 The integration between Dataloy and VESPER’s assessments of vessel performance can either be automated or manually assessed depending on joint clients’ wishes. When the vessel performance changes, e.g. due to additional fouling, hull cleaning, or dry docking the VESPER system can update the ship master data for speed and consumption through automated API’s.   

The VESPER will also be used to predict the impact of upcoming events such as hull cleaning or dry dockings, and give the Dataloy users access to estimations of future events. 

In the future, it is the plan to enable the VESPER Scenario Simulation results for Dataloy users. This development is expected to be finalized in Q3 or Q4 2022.

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Gaining Ecosystem Advantage: Bunker Optimisation

Bunkers are the single largest and highly volatile operational expense for the shipping industry.

Efficient use of bunker and bunker costs are susceptible to performance-based improvements and have a direct impact on carbon emissions and the bottom line. Hence, aligning on a proper strategy and reducing those expenditures is critical for companies that want to create and sustain a competitive advantage.

One quick win would be to use technology to improve and optimize fuel consumption and purchasing.

So, how can you adopt a more deliberate, strategic, and data-driven approach to bunker management with technology?

Attend this webinar where Fernando Alvarez reveals how you can optimise your bunker procurement strategy while planning a voyage with seamless and powerful integration between  Dataloy VMS and BunkerPlanner.

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Steering Vessel Performance

The VESPER platform gives access to performance analysis of your fleet, organized to easily generate an overview of your fleet, with the ability to drill down to individual vessels.