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Maintain clear sight of vessel information for seamless voyage management

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About Sedna

Sedna is a fast-growing digital workspace provider creating a world-class platform and experience that delivers velocity, context, and certainty to our customers’ most important outcomes.

Sedna is based in London and Vancouver and is led by founder and CEO Bill Dobie.

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Why Sedna + Dataloy

Automatically tag and file emails to specific voyages

Update data in Dataloy based on data received in emails without having to switch applications

View schedules, cargo recaps, vessel details alongside emails within one interface

Enable a tailored MyMessages experience for operators and post-fix teams

Work seamlessly across the Dataloy and SEDNA platforms

Integration overview and focus area

This integration automates filing, routing, updating Dataloy and sending Dataloy data in messages to create smarter, safer, and more productive maritime communications—and helping organisations and team members work more efficiently and effectively both together and as individuals.

Sedna has created an enhanced integration framework that allows users to update data in platforms like Dataloy based on data received in emails without having to switch applications. Through the Sedna Link feature, third-party data and workflows are embedded around messages in Sedna so information can be updated and actions taken between both systems, without having to leave the Sedna interface. This framework also enables users to insert data in Sedna messages, e.g. voyage schedules, with a few clicks without requiring copying, pasting or formatting.

How it works

Dataloy VMS integrates using Sedna’s open API to maintain Sedna Job References based on Dataloy voyages, time charters and user assignments. Sedna automatically tags messages with these Job References and enables users to filter their inbox to view only messages tagged with voyages and time charters they are assigned to, or only the messages for a specific fixture or vessel. This dramatically reduces noise, errors and missed messages, particularly for post-fixture teams receiving thousands of messages per day.

Dataloy sends specific data to Sedna over an API connection. The integration does not rely on sharing of common data and does not require specific user permissions in either platform.

Benefits to Clients

  • Streamline thousands of daily emails down to just the ones that matter to you with intelligence from your existing business systems
  • Transform every message into a collaboration space that keeps organizations informed and agile
  • Supercharge productivity with lightning-fast search and automated workflows
  • Secure your data within a verified network of thousands of trusted SEDNA users

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Seamless Voyage Management with Dataloy and SEDNA

Shipping is a global, high-speed, and information-intensive industry that runs 24 / 7 / 365.

Vessel managers need to stay on top of thousands of emails per day and sync this core data in their voyage management system (VMS) to operate smoothly. A single missed email could result in financial losses and missed opportunities.

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