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How to manage email overload?

Two ways to efficiently manage communication and collaboration in a timely manner.

 Anumita Bhargava
Anumita Bhargava

Marketing and Communication Consultant

Email is inevitable in the professional world, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Receiving too many emails can be overwhelming, challenging and time consuming to organise. A typical chartering manager, operator or broker gets hundreds (if not thousands) of emails daily. With this volume, efficiency is a significant concern for the majority of maritime people who use email regularly.

As a software firm focused on streamlining marine procedures and enhancing collaboration across various stakeholders, we understand how important efficient communication is to a company’s success. That’s why we’re here today to assist you in cutting email threads short from the start, with two steps to reduce email back-and-forth:

  1. Take conversations that require immediate action to in-app communication via comments
  2. Integrate with an email management system

Ready to cut back on unnecessary emails? Let’s jump right into the two steps to accomplish just that.

Take conversations that require immediate action to in-app communication via comments.

The next-gen Dataloy Voyage Management System (VMS) allows you to add comments. Users can use this feature to post comments to workflow drawers and respond inline, informing relevant team members in real-time and triggering action to collaborate efficiently and in a timely manner.

Comments are a great way to provide context and see the history of your discussion. And the collaboration is made even more powerful with the ability to tag a specific person with an @mention, and they can respond to you within the file the next time they view it.

Here’s a list of things you can do with the new commenting feature:

  • Add comments to the field.

You can start a discussion on any specific workflow like a voyage, bunker orders and across all modules, and you can add several comments within that discussion. 

  • Reply to comments

You or other users can reply to an existing comment by adding a comment below.

  • Mention users or roles in comments

If you want to mention specific users in a comment, use the “@” symbol. They will receive both an email and an in-app notification about their mention. You can also tag roles.

  • View your mentions

When someone mentions you in a comment, you get alerts within the app and push notifications. You can view them by clicking on the notification icon in the top right corner.

  • Add attachments

You can add and share attachments.

Integrate with an email management system

Some emails are inevitable, and in those cases, our powerful and open VMS API allows you to effectively integrate operational data from Dataloy VMS with relevant email and communications management systems like SEDNA. Following the integration, the email management system may utilise Dataloy VMS data to automate identifying, labelling and arranging email messages to improve team collaboration.

Mutual clients may link the voyage context and underlying contracts to automatically generate an organisational structure for incoming emails, forming a centralised, contextualised workflow for internal and external communications within the context of their commercial operations. 

Master Partners: SEDNA

Affiliate Partners: CompassAir


While email is a necessary part of doing business and fundamental to maritime communication, that doesn’t mean it’s always the most effective communication option. And when it is, it is important that it be used properly and sparingly.

You may spend less time in your inbox and more time on work by prioritising clarity in communication, selecting the proper channel for your communication, or using an automated system that automatically files and refers to your emails according to the rules

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