Voyage Estimate System

A simple, fast and accurate voyage calculator which can be used for analysing a wide range of different opportunities and contract types.

Dataloy offers a comprehensive Voyage Estimation System (VES) which can be used both as part of the Voyage Management System or as a standalone product. VES is can be used both for ad-hoc calculations, COA evaluations and for nominating fixed vessels against fixed cargoes for execution.

The module includes in depth functionality which covers port and bunker cost estimation, establishing optimal intake and comparison of costs against different available vessels and cargoes. The system also has features which allow multiple voyage scenarios.

Dataloy Distance Table: The Dataloy Distance Table (DDT) is fully integrated and automatically updated daily.

Bunker cost is normally the largest cost factor for a voyage and thus critical for accurate estimation. The system automatically and accurately calculates consumption figures taking into consideration up to date ECA (Emission Control Area) restrictions.

The product benefits:

  • Enable users to initiate a variety of relevant types of voyage estimation scenarios
  • Fast and efficient tool to quickly initiate new evaluations
  • Single screen overview
  • Enable re-use of existing estimates or registered COAs
  • Integrated Vessel Data
  • Good and consistent data quality
  • Improved efficiency and flexibility for charterers and commercial managers