The year that was and the year that will be

2019 Highlights & 2020 Roadmap

2019 was an exciting year for Dataloy Systems. We were able to make significant progress with our product offerings, including the introduction of a new user interface and the transition of ten modules to the web. We doubled down on the development and optimisation of our Fleet Allocation and Scheduling application, and have built a competent team working on the Voyage Management System and the transition to the web.

In our release notes, we highlighted the key features and functionalities added to these platforms by our fantastic product, design, and development teams.

The new features and enhancements provide our customers and partners with a platform that is able to keep up with the lightning-fast pace of digitalisation and the volatility of the industry. As technology becomes more ubiquitous, we provide our users with the flexibility and scalability they need to connect best of breed applications.

Here is a brief overview of the many achievements of our great team in 2019:

  1. Unveiled the new web user interface based on Material Design

  2. Transitioned 10 modules to the web including full mobile access

  3. Launched support for seamless and full online access for vessels

  4. Added over 200 new features to the web version

  5. Integrated auth0 and Oauth2 for industry-standard security across the platform

  6. Tuned our agile development method to perfection:

    • Separated release cycles for different modules of our platform

    • Increased release frequency to bi-weekly feature releases

    • Yearly Master Releases completed increased from 4 to 25

  7. 99.99%+ Average uptime

  8. Welcomed and onboarded six new members to the team

  9. Signed several new clients from diverse segments of the maritime industry

  10. Improved and solidified the functionality of the Fleet Allocation and Scheduling application

However, our work, building an enhanced voyage management platform, never ends.

We believe 2020 is going to be an even more exciting year, as we have quite a few noteworthy changes coming up. Thus, we wanted to share what we have in store for you.

Roadmap Objectives

In 2020, our primary objective is to complete the transition to the web and to innovate our products based on customer needs. We want to optimise the speed, security and agility of our platform. We will also launch a completely new knowledge base and make sure existing customers are successfully onboarded to our new platform.

Our Goals

  • Enable improved decision making with our enhanced voyage and scenario estimation features

  • Analyse and improve schedule quality to help customers achieve operational efficiency

  • Create a more refined and seamless workflow for between Voyage Management and Fleet Allocation and Scheduling applications

  • Integrate agency, port captain, customer and vendor workflows

  • Introduce advanced cargo scheduling and workflow

  • With our new role-based permissions and security features, extend sharing of information outside the borders of your organisation

  • Improve granular detailing and descriptions to ascertain more accurate laytime calculations and accounting workflow

  • Implement an improved notification and data quality and monitoring feature

We also want to be open and more transparent about the way we work by:

  • Communicating better and more regularly

  • Sharing success stories and case studies

  • Iterating faster in the initial stages of a project

  • Increasing customer and end-user involvement across all developments

If you have feedback on any of the items in the 2020 roadmap or want to participate in how we design these solutions, please contact us at