Dataloy + 90 POE

A single common environment to manage and monitor all fleet-related activities.

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About 90 POE

Ninety Percent of Everything (90POE) is a service that helps ship owners and operators extract useful data from their data. Through collaborations, integration with current systems and third parties, applied logic, and data science, we hope to provide significant actionable insights to our clients. OpenOcean Studio (OOS), a cloud-based technology solution, is made up of modular solutions that are precisely tailored to workflows or operational areas of interest. We also provide a vessel-specific OpenOcean Studio Onboard solution, which includes a desktop version of OOS to allow for greater integration and collaboration between shoreside and vessel-side staff.

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Why 90 POE + Dataloy

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Integration overview and focus area

From an overall OOS perspective, we integrate with third-party providers that provide services such as weather, vessel positioning, vessel events, port information and vessel information. This enables us to provide a preliminary benefit of creating relatively real-time situational and geo-spatial contextual understanding for our clients in respect of the conditions and positioning of their vessels and fleets. From this we can apply initial logic to create alerts to our clients when their vessels are operating in certain maritime zones, weather, and sea state conditions. Beneficial to the client we can do all of this without the necessity of integrating with their own existing systems. 

In progressing beyond this, we can begin consuming client data specific from their operations, for example, passage plans, noon reports or more frequency and specific vessel data. From this, we can increase the benefit to the Client by providing greater operational insight, predictability and alerting across several use cases which is operational beneficial across specific routes, vessel performance, itinerary and operational planning. We respect clients, and market providers, have invested heavily into their current technology and functionality. Our intent is to be system agnostic and looks to work in partnership with clients, solution providers alike to help ultimately the clients get better results for their organisations through improved and better operational insight derived from multiple sources of data. 

How it works

90POE´s intent is to integrate Dataloy VMS as part of this workflow to extract relevant commercial and chartering information from Dataloy VMS to apply logic and create actionable insight with our OpenOcean Studio platform for customers.

Specific therefore to Dataloy VMS we appreciate inherent within this product there is data that can be used in conjunction with other data sources to create actionable insights which are beneficial to our clients. For example, a better appreciation of voyage compliance with charter party requirements. The relevant information to produce these insights reside not only within Dataloy VMS as well as being created by the interaction and workflow with the Dataloy VMS in executing an operator’s freight and hire process.  

Benefits to Clients


Webinar on demand

Gaining Ecosystem Advantage: Bunker Optimisation

Bunkers are the single largest and highly volatile operational expense for the shipping industry.

Efficient use of bunker and bunker costs are susceptible to performance-based improvements and have a direct impact on carbon emissions and the bottom line. Hence, aligning on a proper strategy and reducing those expenditures is critical for companies that want to create and sustain a competitive advantage.

One quick win would be to use technology to improve and optimize fuel consumption and purchasing.

So, how can you adopt a more deliberate, strategic, and data-driven approach to bunker management with technology?

Attend this webinar where Fernando Alvarez reveals how you can optimise your bunker procurement strategy while planning a voyage with seamless and powerful integration between  Dataloy VMS and BunkerPlanner.

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Maritime Excellence through Digital Intelligence

90POE’s OpenOcean Studio platform consists of a number of modules designed to help ship owners and operators with the key issues that matter to you. From fuel efficiency and charter party compliance to vessel maintenance, crew logistics and even monitoring KPIs, these modules work together to help you improve performance across the board