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We do not want to change the way you work – we want to help you redefine your business processes based on openness and efficiency. Integrating separate, but related, applications help organisations achieve higher levels of operational consistency, efficiency and quality.

Our robust API enables shipping companies and their partners to quickly and easily integrate with best of breed solutions whilst having the the reassurance  that you can enable interoperability and ensure security and protection of data.

The Dataloy API allows for retrieval, updating and entry of all
data in Dataloy. As the API is based on REST principles it is easy
to write and simple to use.

We have built numerous integrations and opened our developer platform so anyone can build with Dataloy API.


Accounting System

Automate the creation and flow of transactions between the Dataloy VMS and your accounting system.

Agency Appointment

Automate the creation and flow of port call appointments between the Dataloy VMS and an agency system.

Disbursement Account

Transfer port call and port cost data between Dataloy VMS and an on-premise applications.

Vessel Reporting

Delivers current navigational and positional information of  vessels to the Dataloy VMS and is best suited for monitoring voyages underway and planning your business accordingly.

Bill of Lading

Automate the creation and flow of transactions between the Dataloy VMS and a cargo documentation system.

Bunker Procurement Systems

Integrate your bunker procurement system with Dataloy API. Several bunker suppliers and bunker platforms is already integrated. Seamlessly manage, order, procure and invoice bunkers via our VMS.

Connect Dataloy VMS with your Favourite Applications


Our efforts to be an open and easy system to
integrate with has led to close co-operation
with a number of world leading companies
that enables us to offer a complete ecosystem
to our customers.

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