About BunkerMetric

BunkerMetric brings the power of advanced analytics to the maritime bunkering segment.

Our team has delivered high-RoI solutions to blue-chip shipping and energy companies since 2008. With team members in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Singapore, we have proven expertise in marine bunkers, optimization, simulation, data analytics, AIS, and software development.

Integration Overview and Focus Area


Bunkers typically represent upwards of 50% of a vessel’s operating costs. Deriving the best bunker procurement strategy is a very complex process. One must consider fuel prices, port calling costs, tank sizes, commercial schedule, fuel consumption rates, commingling issues, ECAs, and sailing margins, among others. In many shipping organisations, this complexity is aggravated by the fact that different departments hold different pieces of the puzzle. The bunker purchasing desk will have a good view of fuel prices but perhaps does not understand the vessel schedule’s flexibility or the vessel’s consumption pattern. The operations desk understands the schedule well but knows far less about fuel prices and availability. The vessel master understands the current RoB and consumption rate better than anyone on shore, but may not have a detailed view of the commercial requirements of a voyage.

BunkerPlanner cuts through this complexity by bringing all the relevant information into a single platform where all stakeholders can discuss and align. BunkerPlanner leverages advanced algorithms and data analytics to identify the best bunkering plans and recommends the optimal location, volumes, and grades to be lifted for each voyage.

BunkerPlanner empowers operators and fuel purchasers to generate additional value for your fleet by crafting superior bunker procurement plans.

How BunkerPlanner integrates with Dataloy VMS


BunkerPlanner relies on Dataloy API to obtain a wealth of information on your vessels and commercial schedules. When BunkerPlanner is first deployed, we extract the most relevant vessel features, such as tank capacities, fuel consumption curves, and main particulars. On a daily basis, we automatically query the latest voyage information for your fleet, including destination, ETA, ETD, RoBs, redelivery amounts, existing stems, and TC rates. With this, BunkerPlanner computes bunkering recommendations for the entire fleet. Using our web-based UI, the user can also import a schedule from Dataloy manually, and even adjust it to reflect the latest information relevant to the bunkering transaction. The BunkerPlanner UI has a dedicated Dataloy tab to facilitate these actions.


Ikon for Dataloy integrates with BunkerPlanner Dataloy integrates with BunkerPlanner


Ikon for First customers take advantage of BunkerMetric and Dataloy integration to optimize bunker procurement First customers take advantage of BunkerMetric and Dataloy integration to optimize bunker procurement


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