Bunker Module Gets a New Look

Dataloy has revamped its Bunker module with a whole new look, based on the principles of Google’s Material Design and enhanced performance of its existing features. The update is rolling out to all users with Master Release 2.9.

The new design is subtle but gives a refreshing look to the module with a cleaner interface, improved navigation over-all, and a consistent way of using the application. The hamburger-style slide-out menu for filtering makes it easier and faster to filter through data.

The new-look acts as a preview of Dataloy’s transition to the web using Material Design principles to create a more powerful and robust web app.

Bunker module based on material design

Why Material Design?

Consistent Interface

Consistency in design is deemed beneficial because the user becomes accustomed to what to expect from a site. Material Design layouts encourage consistency across platforms, environments, and screen sizes by using uniform elements and spacing.

Faster adaptation and adoption of the application

The benefit of using Material Design is that Google has done the UI and UX research, so individual developers don’t have to. Therefore, customers benefit because they can learn the apps faster due to consistent navigation and behaviour.

Who is impacted

All users

Why should I use it

The Bunker Management module, with its user-friendly interface, allows you to register and follow a bunker order´s workflow from the requirement to a paid invoice. The module also enables bunker management systems and agents to make full two-way integrations.


  • Complete overview of bunker orders

  • Makes it possible to enter two products (bunker requirements/order lines) on the same port, without the need to add two bunker port calls.

  • Enables the users to run reports and statistics based on all the bunker orders, per port, per supplier, status etc

  • Forecast bunker requirements across the fleet

  • Makes it possible to quickly search and/or filter on all of the bunker orders by vessel, supplier, and port etc

  • Added support for integration with bunker procurement systems such as ClearLynx and World Fuel Services

How to get started

You’ll see the changes automatically once you update to 2.9

Master Release 2.9 contains feature updates to VMS, FAS and API and several bug fixes.

Click here for a complete overview of Master Release 2.9