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There is a motivation to select Dataloy for each of the 26 letters in the alphabet. From A for Accessible on all devices to Z for Zero Emissions. Let’s look at the alphabets on how Dataloy VMS can drive measurable value for commercial maritime shipping businesses like yours. Discover the advantages of the intuitive and easy-to-use Dataloy VMS that makes voyage management simple, collaborative, secure and transparent for its customers.

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The Dataloy VMS is accessible anywhere, from any device and browser


Be in the know-how at all times with real-time alerts and notifications.

Agency nomination

Now it is possible to involve the agent, of a given service order, to be part of the workflow inside VMS. When an operator nominates an agent, for a given service order, the nomination email is sent to the agent, together with another email with the description on how the agent can login into VMS. Then the agent can work on the given service order and set the status to Final. At this point, the operator can approve or reject the final cost. The agent will have very limited access to the functionalities and data inside VMS.


Accounting Workflows in Dataloy VMS give you a centralized workspace with an overview of receivables, payable, and pending invoices. They streamline routine voyage accounting processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry. Invoices range from freight to commissions, claims, and time charters, etc. Dataloy VMS is an efficient, cost-effective platform that integrates voyage management with powerful accounting .With web access, you may also select from a variety of tools, applications, and integrations to work how, when, and where you want.

Bunker Planning

Bunker Planning

Utilizing the power of open APIs, Dataloy's bunker workspace revolutionizes how operators carry out bunker planning. This improved bunker management leads to easier bunker procurement, reduced costs, greater transparency, and significant improvements in voyage sustainability and profitability.

Collaboration &

Collaboration and communication

Include relevant stakeholders each step of the way via in-app comments, mentions and email communication


Advanced collaboration using in-app communication via the ability to comment and mention within the system is a great way to collaborate and build team synergy in a shared account environment.

Contract Management

The multifaceted process of managing the contract lifecycle can cause management bottlenecks, raise risk exposure, and negatively affect your organization's financial performance if it is not properly managed. Users of Dalataloy VMS can initiate, execute , and meticulously manage a contract from beginning to end. It provides full visibility, command, and control over contracts to chartering, operations, and financials from anywhere at any time, making it simple to manage processes and boost productivity and efficiency throughout the entire contract lifecycle.

Claims Management

With Dataloy VMS, you can enhance claims processes, increase claim visibility, and make more knowledgeable business decisions by evaluating whether claims are validated, negotiate, and reducing unnecessary costs.

Distance Table

Distance table

The Dataloy Distance Table is highly acclaimed for its extensiveness and accuracy in calculating sailing routes and distances, with access to over 100 million routes for voyage estimation and comparison. The database currently holds more than 10,000 ports and maritime locations. The sailing routes are carefully placed based on many factors, such as an analysis of aggregated AIS data, actual ship traffic, and evaluation of different routing options.

deterring Demurrage

Mitigating demurrage necessitates a thorough understanding of expected and actual activity periods. Dataloy gives a clear picture of what is happening, enabling schedulers and operators to anticipate delays and minimize undue demurrage. Furthermore, charterers can quickly and precisely assess demurrage and comprehend its numerous causes so they can proactively lower it in the future.

Enhance Efficiency Of Every Voyage


Gain unparalleled control over your carbon exposure and EU ETS costs right from the pre-fixture stage. Dataloy's innovative platform seamlessly embeds EUA costs, enabling you to accurately estimate your carbon footprint and associated expenses while optimizing your operations.

Enhance efficiency of every voyage

Data silos are a frequent friction point within companies — along with duplicate entries, outdated information, and human mistakes — can weigh down operational efficiency and lead to suboptimal decisions. Dataloy delivers a platform ecosystem to save valuable time for all maritime stakeholders eliminating errors and providing real-time access to a single source of truth.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Dataloy Fleet Allocation and Scheduling tool gives you a holistic picture of your fleet in all aspects of operations. It provides an overview of all vessels in the fleet, their current status and the status of their cargo. All commitments and scheduled voyages are visible in real-time on the open positions' board. It shows when the vessel will arrive at each port on the voyage, and how much cargo will be on board. The board highlights how you perform against your contractual constraints, thus shaping awareness of both scheduling challenges, potentials and reducing your waiting time and missed laycans.

Fuel Efficiency with Integrated Fleet Deployment and Bunker Management

When it comes to optimising fuel management across any fleet, planning and preparation are critical. While zero-emission fuel infrastructure is not yet in place, you can still optimise your ship routes to save money, optimise vessel use, streamline operations, and help you make the most of every drop of fuel. This will reduce carbon emissions in the planning phase to moderately influence the fuel consumption and our sustainability targets by coordinating ship movements and cargo loading.

Graphic Interface

Graphical Interface

Our voyage management system has a user-friendly graphical interface that simplifies navigation and presents information in a clear and visually appealing manner. Real-time alerts and notifications keep users informed of vessel progress and potential issues, while maps and charts allow for easy visualization of important information such as vessel position, routes and weather conditions, allowing for quick identification of opportunities and issues.

Generate estimates and optimised schedules quickly

Voyage Estimation helps you make the best decisions for your company's shipping operations by simulating various voyage scenarios and analyzing them to find the most profitable option. You can include information about voyage income, expenses, bunkers, and cargo. It is designed for all types of vessels and hence per ton Worldscale and time charter arrangements are supported. Multiple employment alternatives can be evaluated with sensitivity analysis on each one of them.



With our stable, reliable, and secure hosting platform, we simplify hosting and enable shipping companies to focus on delivering business value in a changing market. Dataloy offers a hosted cloud solution that provides all Dataloy products as services and is built on the safe and strong Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture.



The Invoice List allows you to view all outstanding invoices for a voyage and provides a simple, fast way of checking the status of all your receivable and payable invoices in one glance. The Invoice List is a consolidated list that combines outstanding invoices for voyage, bunker and more from various departments into one place in Financials. Even if you do not have access to perform the various actions on the list, you can see the status of each invoice as well as the amount outstanding, amount paid, and due date. If you have the relevant permissions, you can see, create, review, approve, post invoices.

Integrations & standardisations

One of the most compelling benefits of Dataloy is seamless integrations with its robus and open API. Dataloy VMS provides contextual data in a decision-ready format that is easily accessible to key decision makers when they can have the most impact. Dataloy removes information gaps and makes KPIs readily available to stakeholders where and when they need them most, thanks to seamless, cross-system integrations. Accelerate maritime workflow efficiency by quickly activating your data from any source to create relevant and consistent interactions that makes operations more efficient.



The high volatility in the global business environment makes it necessary for voyage management to be more agile and resilient. And to achieve that, ship owners need greater supply chain visibility for timely and effective decision-making. Dataloy´s visual interface highlighting KPI´s for each voyage provide decisive insights to help you monitor and manage your operational performance more effectively. The dashboard makes your data transparent at a single glance. Immediately see whether the performance metrics have improved or decreased without an in-depth analysis of the data.

Laytime Calculation

Laytime calculation

A detailed overview of projected and actual laytimes, as well as the factors that influence laytime variances, is required to prevent expensive delays and optimize estimates over time. By automatically importing SOFs, shipping documents, and contractual/charter-party terms, Dataloy automates laytime calculations, allowing users to benefit from reduced manual data entry. It also reduces time-consuming administration involved in creating, negotiating and settling laytime. The laytime calculation modules provide a customer-centric approach to calculations and claims management.



Manage and stay-on top of your voyage planning and commercial operations from anywhere with a dynamic, cloud-based solution accessible from anywhere, any device Operators only need an Internet connection and a standard web browser to use Dataloy VMS, which gives them all the knowledge and resources they require for productive, efficient work.



Access timely and relevant updates by subscribing to notifications to get real-time updates on what matters to you enabling you to take a proactive approach.


Optimise your voyage operations

Dataloy VMS enables voyage operators with a set of tools that maintains continuity with chartering and financials, allowing them to dynamically monitor, manage, and optimize the various intricacies of voyage performance through visibility and collaboration.

Port Calls

port calls

The Dataloy voyage management system includes a feature for managing port calls. This allows users to plan and schedule port calls, and to access important information about each port. Users can analyze the total costs of each port call, including costs related to berthing, customs, and other expenses. It also helps users to optimize their voyage by choosing the most efficient ports and routes.

P&L Visibility

As a dynamic commercial platform Dataloy allows marine enterprises to quickly assess and manage their financial status in real time rather than having to wait until the conclusion of the voyage to capture P&L variance. Due to the seamless integration of pre-fixture and post-fixture procedures, the predicted P&L is automatically benchmarked against the actual P&L. This contextual information alerts stakeholders to P&L variances as they arise, ensuring that a business can respond in the best way possible to reduce risk and maximize returns.

Powerful enough for all stakeholders

Dataloy VMS is a powerful combination of intuitiveness, collaboration and efficiency — providing greater flexibility, amplifying business intelligence and performance, and reducing the burden of managing multiple solutions.


Quantifying carbon emissions to enable carbon action

Dataloy Voyage Management System now includes the Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI) as a primary KPI for calculating the total carbon foot- print per voyage, allowing you to take the necessary steps to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, particularly CO2 emissions, in international shipping. The indicator, expressed in grams of CO2 per ton-mile, allows you to compare each vessel and cargo to make energy-saving measures easier to apply.



Customers demand cost-effective solutions that deliver a near-immediate return on investment in today's difficult trading environment. Dataloy enables your organization to sense and adapt to an ever-changing market by enabling demand-supply/cargo-vessel synchronization to achieve cost savings, give agility to businesses, and improve decision alignment, revenue growth, and profitability. We deliver revolutionary transformation with a targeted value-driven approach, reducing business disruption while optimizing return on investment, thanks to our open API and seamless integrations.



In a fast-paced business environment, your company must respond swiftly to changes without disruption or risk. The Dataloy platform's industry-leading security features provide your company with the transparency, visibility, access, and control it need for enhanced data storage and protection. Best-in-class security and compliance include OAuth 2.0, role-based access control, user management, SSO support with SAML 2.0 compliance, Central Identify Management (CIM) and data encryption at rest and in transit.

Sensitivity Analysis

We introduced sensitivity analysis to help you manage risk with greater precision. You might ask yourself what impact your voyage result will take should the bunker price skyrocket. Our Sensitivity analysis will give you the answer so you have more information available when going into negotiations, or planning your budgets. Similarly, you can analyse the TCE vs the Freight rate should you need to.

Transparency and Open API

Transparency and Open API

Dataloy's open API environment for international shipping provides transparency, unparalleled visibility, connectivity, and standards for shippers. The company promotes interoperability, rapid response mechanisms and real-time access to relevant supply chain data for all involved parties, including key shipping dates, specific cargo information, related documents and sensor readings.

Transhipment & multi parecl scenarios

Handling a large number of load ports, discharge ports, parcels and transhipments for each voyage is vital for companies operating in the break bulk, chemical tanker and project cargo segments. In addition, enabling splitting of cargoes into package lists and grades gives fine grained control. Furthermore, with the level of detail captured, bills of lading and booking notes can easily be created directly in the system. For break bulk companies the ability to accurately track and distribute stevedoring and handling cost is a huge time saver for users. Dataloy takes care of all these complexities and gives you a powerful toolset to help improve end-to-end voyage operations and costs.

User Experience

User Experience

Every aspect of our platform is crafted according to the most advanced principles of material UI and design thinking. It puts you, your workflows, and your needs at the center of an intuitive technology experience. The result is a leading voyage management system supported by an ecosystem of tools,to resolve every use case.

Utilisation of vessel capacity

The Capacity Plan module coordinates vessel capacity, booked cargo and possible cargo between the chartering and scheduling department to avoid over and under capacity. This tool let's you see the future balance between cargoes and vessels region by region.

Voyage Management

Voyage Management

Understanding the full spectrum of commercial planning is critical to making the appropriate decisions as voyage management progresses. Dataloy VMS combines real-time data for each voyage, including weather, ETA, fuel consumption, and other vital variables.Dataloy ensures that all stakeholders are constantly informed and can accurately monitor and perform actions with confidence by automating data collection and standardizing information regarding position, ETA, consumption, and other critical aspects for each voyage.


Gaining comprehensive visibility into the S&OE process will allow businesses to better understand their operations, provide predictable results, plan ahead, and minimise laytime variances and demurrage

Weather Routing

Weather Routing

Weather routing is available in Dataloy VMS through integration with weather sources such as Weathernews, and it optimizes routes for CII, speed, laycan, TCE, and CO2 emissions (among other factors) while keeping crew, ship, and cargo safe.

What `íf´ Scenarios

Create and compare a number of scenarios using known data, including how they affect operations from start to finish and their effect on KPIs. The solution encourages the planner's soft skills and expertise, allowing for the creation of optimal plans and the planner's readiness for any eventuality.



Dataloy along with its ecosystem continously empowers you to unleash your X factor to take your performance to the next level. Dataloy suite includes Voyage Planning & Management, Distances Table, Fleet Allocation & Scheduling, open API for seamless integrations , now combined onto a complete, one-stop solution, and offered by one company. Dataloy VMS delivers an all-in-one, optimized workflow where ship and shore have a common operational picture.

Yield Results

Yield results

Leverage the dynamic power of Dataloy and its partner ecosystem to yield faster results with its breadth of seamless technical integrations with specialised ecosystems.

Zero Emission

zero emission

We believe that transitioning to a net zero world is the shared responsibility of every individual, corporation, and government. Dataloy VMS allows to leverage and transforms a company ́s core maritime workflows, capabilities and operations to create positive economic, social and environmental impact in profitable ways.