• Dataloy´s new partnership with Chinsay will bring efficiency and productivity to the customer´s pre-fixture stage

8 December 2021, Singapore, Norway: Chinsay and Dataloy Systems, leading technology companies in the freight management and contracting space, are announcing today their new partnership which will result in the seamless integration of their two SaaS platforms. The integration of Chinsay’s innovative ICP.Freight (Intelligent Contract Platform) and Dataloy Voyage Management System (VMS) enables an improved process flow, cost savings and error reduction, which will bring increased productivity and efficiency to the user. The integration is possible due to the companies’ core values of providing client centric automation and championing interoperability for the benefit of the business and the wider industry.

The connection between the two systems will now allow the automatic integration of commercial
and contractual data with Dataloy VMS, a process that was previously only performed manually and at risk of manual error. This is now readily available for joint clients with minimal setup, enabled by Chinsay’s ability to seamlessly integrate with other providers and supported by the open and robust Dataloy API, which provides businesses with immediate access to a wide range of end data points, allowing them to design and innovate seamless workflows quickly.

How it works:

● Populate forms in ICP.Freight by pulling or pushing data from a voyage estimate in Dataloy.
● Push approved main recap data from ICP directly to Dataloy VMS with one click.
● Dataloy VMS creates a cargo/voyage with pre-populated data.


● Efficient flow of data without errors.
● End-to-end contract lifecycle integration: from negotiation to execution and settlement.
● Master data that the business can leverage.
● Data capture in real-time.
● Risk management to improve profit margins and mitigate liability.

"Our drive to create a collaborative ecosystem comes from our desire to give clients the ability to work more efficiently and unlock the true potential of their data. We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Dataloy, an excellent example of an API-first company that has greatly simplified complex maritime operations, which brings a great deal of increased productivity to joint clients and streamlines a process that was previously time-consuming and prone to error.”

“Dataloy has long championed better integration and a more standardised approach to maritime technology. Our partnership with Chinsay strengthens Dataloy’s commitment to working with top technology providers to help transform the way technology is utilised across the industry to streamline processes.”

Dataloy and Chinsay’s future vision is to drive collaboration and interoperability between systems to benefit the freight and commodity industries. The latest partnership builds on the industries’ need for more connectivity and reliability innovation. As innovators in the market, Dataloy and Chinsay´s vision is to enable an ecosystem of technology providers that genuinely work with the businesses’ best interests in mind.

About Chinsay

Founded in 2000, Chinsay is the leading global provider of contract automation systems for the commodities and freight markets. Its Intelligent Contract Platform (ICP) enables digitalisation of contract data sets across the supply chain. As a pure software-as-a-service platform, with the ability to support API integration, it has one of the fastest deployment times in the industry.

The Intelligent Contract platform captures data during the contract creation process, providing a Golden Copy as a result of collaboration between all involved parties. Chinsay's concept of ‘one-time deal capture’ enables integration with risk management, accounting, legal and operational functions. This results in cost savings, increased efficiencies, improved security and risk control. ICP provides companies with the opportunity to make informed, data-driven business decisions.

Chinsay partners with clients and other technology vendors to increase efficiency and improve security and risk controls. Through industry-leading product discovery and DevOps practices, Chinsay rapidly and continuously adapts its software precisely to our clients’ needs.  Leveraging Microsoft Azure facilities for end-to-end encryption allows us to offer the highest possible data security to our clients.

About Dataloy Systems

Dataloy Systems, a leading provider of voyage management software and technology, empowers the commercial maritime industry with visibility, flexibility, and efficiency to make more profitable decisions related to worldwide chartering and operations. Customers worldwide rely on Dataloy and our partner ecosystem to provide the best cloud technology and support with our robust open API to quickly unlock and connect their applications and data to create more seamless experiences.