Keeping up with the Latest Technology

A React.js Workshop

Dataloy continually endeavours to power our clients’ businesses with innovative technologies—established and emerging— making workflow more intuitive and translate operational needs to tech solutions.

As we continue to invest in the development of the product and in maintaining a high service and support standard, we recently held a workshop on React.js – to enable us to serve our clients with the latest technology better.

React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces developed and maintained by Facebook.

The features provided by React.js enables developers to create interactive and compelling user interfaces for varying websites and web applications. It accelerates UI development by allowing developers to build reusable UI components. Also, the developers can use ReactJS to handle the view layer of various web applications and mobile apps.

Øystein Malt Product Owner-Client Frameworks and Front-end Architect at Dataloy Systems led the workshop.

React Workshop hosted by Øystein Malt at Dataloy System´s office.

Why React.js


Efficient functioning is a crucial requirement of any web or mobile application. With users considering a waiting time of more than two seconds during page load as an inconvenience. React.js offers the advantage of speed and thus, increase the efficiency of the application.

An open JavaScript library

React.js comes with the power of having an open JavaScript library. With the React.js JavaScript library, we are free to create a voyage management system that translates your operational needs to tech solutions, without restrictions. Not only does that ease up the process of development, but it also increases the chances of constructing something that correctly translates an idea into a reality.

Guarantees quick rendering

ReactJS features a virtual document object model (DOM) which provides better user experience, higher application performance, and less time consumed.

Reuse components for faster development and achieve better consistency

React.js enables us to create, reuse and combine components in our code. It is an open-source library supported by facebook, and with a large & strong developer community.

A more stable code

React.js has a stable code with relatively very few bugs.

React.js is one of the most popular web frameworks and uses cutting edge technology. Dozens of major business have integrated it into their web apps, including Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, WordPress etc.

As we transition to the web, Dataloy also uses this latest cutting-edge technology of web framework – React.js in its web application.