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Manage the complexity of break bulk shipping

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Running break bulk or chemical parceling operations is complex.

Despite breakbulk’s prominence on a global scale and the size of its business, its core functions have not changed significantly over the years. It continues to rely on legacy platforms and fragmentary workflows lacking agility, capabilities, and insight.

This creates several challenges, such as the need for visibility, cautious P&L management while multiparceling, strict claims management, overlapping voyages, missing connections, or penalty fees for delays, to name a few.

The current market conditions, combined with the inherent complexity of marine shipping for break bulk commodities, necessitate a dynamic voyage management solution that is able to provide the visibility and control to enable profitable decisions to be made easily, accurately, and quickly. This solution can help to simplify the process. Power it with a robust API and you have a true, lasting advantage in the market.

Dataloy Voyage Management System is the ultimate tool that empowers the commercial maritime industry with the visibility, flexibility and efficiency to make more profitable decisions related to worldwide chartering and operations.

It is a proactive solution designed to reduce the complexity of break bulk shipping and empower you to make profitable decisions across your voyage.

Manage complex ‘end-to-end’ multi-parcel scenarios

Handling a large number of load ports, discharge ports, parcels and transshipments for each voyage is vital for companies operating in the break bulk, chemical tanker and project cargo segments. In addition, enabling splitting of cargoes into package lists and grades gives fine-grained control. Furthermore, with the level of detail captured, bills of lading and booking notes can easily be created directly in the system. For break bulk companies the ability to accurately track and distribute stevedoring and handling cost is a huge time saver for users. Dataloy takes care of all these complexities and gives you a powerful toolset to help improve end-to-end voyage operations and costs

Build trade patterns to handle interservice voyages

The ability to organise all voyages, cargoes and schedules by trade, round voyages and patterns is a powerful feature. Break bulk and chemical voyages are intricate as they overlap and span multiple trades. Tracking P&L and accurately distributing cost across trades can be complex if not handled correctly in systems. Our specialised features for this purpose makes it easy to achieve.

Schedule voyages and cargoes using intuitive boards

Our fleet scheduling tools are tailor-made to provide semi-liner operations, a means of performing long-term fleet planning, providing a complete overview fully integrated with operations and chartering. Stay on top of your commitments and scheduled voyages. The board gives you a comprehensive insight into all aspects of the voyages in your schedule. Find the best open position for your next commitment with a few clicks. With a simple drag and drop, you can create schedules, generate new insights, and act on them. Advanced cargo scheduling allows the user to plan their cargo between vessels in a visually intuitive way, using the cargo management board.

Compare and optimise using scenarios

Scheduling vessels becomes a challenge when the exact number and type keep changing. Unpredictability also affects strategic planning decisions. Create and compare a number of scenarios using known data, including how they affect operations. Encourage the planner’s soft skills and expertise, allowing for the creation of optimal plans and the planner’s readiness for any eventuality.

Collaboration & Connected Systems

Our robust API provides a framework for seamless integrations between systems. It enhances control and minimises revenue leakage through centralised accountability and traceability and minimises errors with a single entry. Integration with other systems, customers and suppliers are crucial in high-volume transaction businesses. Directly connect with your logistics partners and take advantage of an out-of-the-box business process collaboration.

A perfect fit for today and tomorrow

Because each break bulk organization has unique planning preferences and requirements, it is critical to have a planning and scheduling system designed to provide the power of configurability to fit your business objectives. Dataloy VMS is a standardised system with many levels of configurability.

And, since the Dataloy VMS solution is adaptable, it will meet your future planning, operational, and scheduling requirements, allowing for rapid and significant development. This provides you with the best of both worlds: the perfect fit of a custom solution combined with the long-term scalability and upgrade benefits of a standard solution.

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