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Dataloy Systems Partner Program is growing, empowering shared customers to receive greater value from Dataloy VMS and its partners.

Dataloy Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of technologically advanced and
integrated maritime software for end-to-end voyage management. It launched the Dataloy Integration Partner Program to accelerate innovation and increase customer value for the Dataloy VMS platform in December 2020.

To recognise and reward the capability and performance of every Dataloy technology partner, we introduced three designations for partners:

1.Affiliate. Individuals or organisations making one-to-one integration using the customer dev or test environment.

2.Chief. Highly trained organisations demonstrating proficiency in understanding Dataloy API, implementation approach, and core functionality.

3.Master. The highest level of Dataloy APl mastery. They are accredited API Partners, demonstrating a high level of proficiency

The Integration Partner Program adds immediate value for Dataloy customers. Customers can now discover relevant integrations based on key categories, such as maritime intelligence, bunkering, DA agents, weather services, email, etc., and access to specific, more useful information about integrations and joint solutions, including use cases.

Dataloy’s concise and clear documentation supports members of the Partner Program via our Partner Portal.

“Our Integration Ecosystem and Partner Program are central to Dataloy’s role as the core platform for voyage planning and operations,” says Hege Jacobsen, Head of Partner Relations, Dataloy. “We are excited to expand and grow our collaborative ecosystem with our integration partners to bring joint value to our customers by helping them innovate and improve operations more comprehensively.”

In the nine months since the launch, the program has grown and expanded with new technology partner integrations. Our Partner portfolio includes 9 Master Partners, and it is increasing steadily.
Inaugural members of Dataloy ́s Master Partners include SEDNA, Chinsay, OrbitMI, World Fuel Services, ClearLynx, Bunker Metric, Q88, VIEW Maritime.

Visit the following pages for more details on the Dataloy Partner Program, a list of current channel and technology partners:

Dataloy Partner Program

Dataloy Partner Directory

Supporting Partner Quotes:

“As always, Dataloy continues to enrich the maritime industry with more solutions and integrations built on their long-term commitment to being an open platform.” says Bill Dobie, CEO of SEDNA Communications. “For SEDNA, it’s especially rewarding to be named a Master Partner after many years of productive collaboration. We’re delighted to be part of the solution to reduce administrative noise, internal errors, and increase efficiency for the world’s leading shipping companies.”

“Orbit is a technology innovation hub that is open, extendible and intelligent,” says Ali Riaz, CEO of OrbitMI. “Our customers engage in digital dream building where they extend the core solutions and capabilities in the hub to create data flows that feed the way they work. With the rich vessel and voyage data from Dataloy’s VMS, this integration lets teams across any maritime organization tap into a common source of truth, allowing them to optimize each decision they make while seeing the macro picture of the entire business. As we like to say, they can Sea the Big Picture.”

“We are very happy to be Master Partner of Dataloy, it’s a great achievement for our team,“ says Terje Bratlie, CEO of VIEW Maritime.“This means that we can give our customers the best advice, how to get total financial and operational control of their business. With the seamless integration between Dataloy VMS and Xledger, companies will save both time and money.“

“This integration provides efficiencies and increased accuracy for customers of Q88 and Dataloy, aligning with both companies’ efforts to aid in customers’ digital transformation,” says Fritz Heidenreich, founder and president of Q88, LLC.

“Integrating BunkerPlanner with the Dataloy API was very straightforward. After going through a few examples with the Dataloy team, we were able to begin extracting voyage and vessel properties from Dataloy into our application back- end. The Dataloy API opens up a plethora of opportunities for third-party applications to leverage the VMS and create additional value to vessel operators. ” Fernando Alvarez, co-founder and CTO of BunkerMetric

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