Weathernews and Dataloy go live with unique weather integration for Smarter Voyage Management

As part of their collaborative data integration, Weathernews Inc and Dataloy Systems AS are pleased to introduce an integrated solution to refine voyage management based on unique weather data. This integration combines Weathernews' comprehensive historical seasonal routes and sea margins with Dataloy Systems’ innovative Voyage Management System (VMS) – providing streamlined access to critical data, error reduction, increased efficiency, and a focus on enhancing voyage quality and profitability. This data integration milestone represents a significant stride toward more effective voyage management.

Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark– November 8, 2023

In the context of the companies’ strategic partnership, mutual clients can effortlessly integrate Weathernews’ industry-leading weather data into their VMS platform, eliminating the need to switch platforms. This enhancement is aimed at refining pre-fixture planning, budgeting, and decision-making, ultimately making voyage management smoother and more efficient.

Value and precision

Within Dataloy Systems’ VMS platform, users gain access to a rich archive of vessel employment records covering several decades, providing a solid basis for making informed commercial decisions. This advancement is dedicated to delivering valuable, precise, and practical support to our esteemed clients.

The integration empowers joint customers to make well-informed decisions by selecting alternative routes based on historical weather and weather impact data. Customers can easily visualise the different impacts of their choices, and take action to  optimise their business, both in terms of fuel savings and emissions reductions.

Unparallelled expertise

"Optimizing route-planning functions with advanced weather technology empowers owners and operators to make well-informed route decisions, prioritizing both efficiency and vessel safety. With a team of highly trained weather forecasters and meteorologists working around the clock to deliver cutting-edge weather forecasts, risk analyses, and routing advice, Weathernews currently provides weather forecast, risk analysis, and routing advice to approximately 10,000 vessels worldwide."

Henrik emphasizes collaboration as a key to developing successful solutions.

“Our partnership with Dataloy Systems represents an exciting opportunity to simplify the decision-making process for commercial staff, ensuring they make the most optimized choices. We are eagerly anticipating a fruitful, long-term collaboration with Dataloy Systems, as we work together to create solutions that enhance the safety and sustainability of the maritime industry.”

Shared vision

“As we integrate Weathernews' precise forecasting into our platform, we are not only equipping our clients with advanced tools for alternate weather routing but also reaffirming our commitment to advancing the maritime industry. This collaboration is about more than just shared data; it's about shared vision. Together, we are setting a new course for operational excellence, where informed decision-making leads to safer, more efficient, and environmentally responsible voyages.”

Real-time decision support

“This seamless integration marks the culmination of a year-long partnership aimed at delivering unmatched efficiency and insight to the maritime navigation and planning process.The live integration brings to fruition the promise made last year by both companies to innovate and streamline maritime operations. It introduces a dynamic weather routing tool that empowers vessel operators to optimize routes with unparalleled accuracy, taking into account historical and forecasted weather patterns. The forward-thinking collaboration between Dataloy Systems and Weathernews now enables smarter, safer, and more sustainable voyage decisions in real time”

About Weathernews

Weathernews Inc. was founded in 1986 as a service provider supporting safe maritime operations for shipping companies, and is today a global leader in the field of weather intelligence, forecasting, route optimization, emission monitoring, performance monitoring, and more. Currently, we employ about 1,100 industry professionals and dedicated staff members, all of whom are united by our vision to protect, care for, and make use of the latest technology in order to deliver benefits for our customers worldwide. In addition to our network of offices, Weathernews also operates two private satellites and several advanced weather radars around the globe.

About Dataloy Systems

Dataloy is a leading provider of voyage management software and technology, committed to empowering the global maritime industry. We are driven by a vision to enhance visibility, flexibility, and operational efficiency, enabling our clients to make more profitable decisions in the realm of worldwide chartering and operations.

Our clients across the globe trust Dataloy and our network of partners to deliver cutting-edge cloud technology solutions and unwavering support. Through our robust open API, we offer businesses the capability to seamlessly integrate their applications and data, fostering a unified and streamlined user experience.

At Dataloy, we're dedicated to simplifying and optimising maritime operations, ensuring that our clients maintain a competitive edge while navigating the complexities of the maritime industry.