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Driving Shipping Innovation: Dataloy's Insights from the Joint Workshop with CSL and ESE, NHH

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Anumita Bhargava

Head of Marketing

The recent joint workshop organized by the Centre for Shipping and Logistics (CSL) and the Energy, Natural Resources, and Environment (ENE) research centers at NHH brought together experts in the fields of shipping, logistics, energy, and the environment. Among the esteemed presenters was Julie Schasler, Product Owner at Dataloy Systems, a leading provider of shipping software solutions. I am excited to share the valuable insights we gained from Julie´s presentation and this collaborative event. In this blog post, we will delve into Dataloy’s perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the shipping industry and highlight our commitment to delivering innovative IT solutions that bridge the usability gap.


Cargo Management: Streamlining Complex Operations

During the workshop, Dataloy emphasized the complexity of cargo management in the shipping industry. Our software solutions address this challenge by providing a comprehensive system that effectively handles multiple cargoes, vessel details, and financial calculations. Dataloy enables shipping companies to streamline cargo management processes by offering a user-friendly interface and intuitive data visualisation. With our software, users can monitor cargo status, track voyages, and evaluate vessel utilization, empowering them to consider more options in less time and, thus take better decisions.


Scheduling and Decision Making: Boosting Efficiency and Flexibility

Efficient scheduling is crucial for shipping companies to meet their operational goals. Dataloy recognizes the diverse requirements of our customers and the challenges involved in optimising scheduling decisions. Our software provides a flexible interface that allows for adjustments, comparisons, and scenario planning. By empowering users to make data-driven decisions, our scheduling tools enhance efficiency and flexibility in shipping operations. With accurate voyage snapshots and comprehensive scheduling features, Dataloy helps users optimize their resources and adapt to dynamic market conditions.

Data Quality Challenges: Striving for Accuracy

Dataloy recognises that data quality is paramount for effective shipping operations. They understand the complexities of cargo information and the potential for errors in manual data entry. In its commitment to address data quality challenges, Dataloy continually strives to improve their software’s usability and data entry processes. By streamlining data capture, minimizing human error, and facilitating data validation, Dataloy aims to enhance the accuracy and reliability of information within their system.


Collaboration between Academia and Industry: Unlocking Potential

Dataloy strongly believes in the power of collaboration between academia and industry. They understand that algorithm development alone is insufficient without robust data quality and user-friendly interfaces. Dataloy actively seeks partnerships with academia to leverage specialized algorithms, models, and industry expertise. This collaboration allows us to incorporate the latest research findings, explore new methodological approaches, and develop software solutions that are at the forefront of industry advancements. Combining academic insights with real-world experience allows us to create powerful tools that optimize shipping operations, enhance decision-making processes, and drive efficiency. By combining academic knowledge with practical industry insights, Dataloy aims to unlock the potential of innovative solutions that address the challenges the shipping industry faces.

Future Directions and Challenges: Embracing Technological Advancements

Looking ahead, Dataloy envisions a future where advanced technologies play a pivotal role in shipping operations. We recognize the potential of advanced routing algorithms, real-time integration of external data sources, and artificial intelligence in revolutionizing the industry. By incorporating these technological advancements, we can optimize efficiency, enhance decision-making, and meet evolving customer demands. However, we also acknowledge the challenges of bridging the usability gap. To overcome these challenges, Dataloy is committed to creating heuristics and intuitive interfaces that mimic human decision-making processes, ensuring our software solutions are user-friendly and effective.

The joint workshop organized by CSL and ENE provided Dataloy Systems with valuable insights and a platform to share our expertise in the shipping industry. Through our commitment to streamlining cargo management, boosting scheduling efficiency, ensuring data quality, and fostering collaboration between academia and industry, Dataloy continues to drive innovation.

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