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Optimising Voyage Calculation and Estimation with Dataloy's Enhanced Bunker Adjustment Features

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Anumita Bhargava

Head of Marketing

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In the fast-paced maritime industry, precise voyage calculation and estimation are pivotal for achieving cost optimisation and gaining a competitive edge. One such critical aspect to manage these calculations are ‘bunker adjustments’—the practice of agreeing on a fixed price range to reduce dependence on fluctuating fuel prices. Dataloy is thrilled to announce key enhancements to its feature suite, offering advanced bunker adjustment functionalities. These enable stakeholders to navigate price fluctuation impacts effectively, attain accurate voyage results, and make data-driven decisions.

To navigate these price fluctuations effectively, the industry relies on ‘bunker adjustment clauses’—contractual provisions that restrict the adjustment of fuel costs to market changes. These clauses have become indispensable tools in the maritime industry. Dataloy’s enhanced features will enable you to effortlessly incorporate these clauses into your contracts, resulting in unmatched resilience to price changes. The outcome is a superior level of accuracy and optimisation in voyage calculations, driving both profitability and operational efficiency.

Planning: Enhancing Contract Negotiations and Voyage Planning
Improved Flexibility for Contracts:

During contract negotiations, you can now incorporate bunker adjustment clauses to increase independence from bunker price fluctuations and enhance the efficiency of voyage estimations. You can customise bunker adjustments in a lot more detail than previously: Instead of one adjustment per contract, you can have individual adjustments template cargo and port rotation instead. This facilitates detailed analysis, precise cost management, and accurate calculations during contract planning.

When planning voyages based on a contract template, you get all adjustment clauses of the template cargoes automatically copied to the voyages. When the time has come, you can then complement the adjustment clause with the actual fuel price and get the resulting adjustment calculated.

New Functionality for Individual Cargoes:

You now have the possibility to append adjustment clauses individually to each cargo being transported —even if it is not linked to a contract of affreightment.

New adjustment clause type:

With Dataloy’s enhanced features, we have now added a new adjustment clause type called “Agreed Consumption.” This adjustment clause allows you to capture your contracts more accurately in the system, providing greater flexibility and accuracy in cost management. The Agreed Consumption Adjustment Clause enables stakeholders to tailor the adjustment calculations based on an agreed consumption for a port rotation, improving voyage calculations and financial accuracy.

Invoicing: Transparency at its Best

The bunker adjustment feature is completed by offering precise billing as an individual line on the invoice. This enhances the transparency of fuel-related costs in your invoicing process.

Tangible Impact: A Win-Win for Charterers & Operators
  1. Risk Mitigation: Reflect your independence from fluctuating bunker prices and reduce financial risks accurately in your voyage calculations.
  2. Flexibility: Customise bunker adjustments per cargo and port rotation for optimal cost management.
  3. Precision & Profitability: Utilise accurate voyage calculations for informed decision-making and profit maximisation.
  1. Cost Management: Accurate overview of which fuel price changes affect your cost.
  2. Decision-Making: Streamline operations and make strategic choices aligned with financial objectives.
  3. Efficiency: Automatic inclusion of bunker adjustments on invoices.
In conclusion

Dataloy’s improved bunker adjustment functionalities enable stakeholders to calculate voyage results more precisely. By integrating bunker adjustment clauses into contracts, stakeholders can accurately add resilience to bunker price fluctuations, leading to more accurate and optimised voyage calculations. Dataloy remains steadfast in its mission to equip customers with reliable solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the maritime industry.

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