Introducing Fleet Allocation and Scheduling (FAS)

Simplify and Optimise Planning

Do you feel like your planning needs improvement? Are you missing the close link between planning and operations?

We feel some of the biggest challenges while operating ships are management, planning, and optimising. Allocating cargoes to available vessels optimally while taking into account vessel capacity, suitability, as well as invoked costs is a challenging task.

The complexity and volatility of global logistics and freight are increasing. Consequently, ship owners, charterers, schedulers, and operators must adapt and improve the allocation and schedule quality to stay competitive. With this in mind, Dataloy developed the Fleet Allocation and Scheduling (FAS) application.

FAS is our scheduling solution to improve your schedule quality and planning process. It gives you a complete overview of your fleet, allows for efficient allocation of voyages to vessels, and facilitates the comparison of scenarios. This will enable you to make fast and informed decisions.

Reduce transportation complexity by integrating fleet allocation scheduling and realise efficiency improvements

The FAS solution marks a significant step forward in fleet deployment, planning and scheduling at a time when companies are faced with many challenges, including: 

  • Market volatility – forcing companies to make more efficient use of their fleet, especially in the face of COVID-19
  • Environmental concerns and sustainability – encouraging companies to invest in green logistics and planning

FAS can help you efficiently, quickly and accurately allocate cargoes to vessels with the ability to generate unlimited numbers of what-if scenarios. It creates an opportunity to improve fleet deployment based on operational data in real-time and visibility over day-to-day voyage operations.

Plan easily

  • move voyages via drag + drop
  • automatic update with operational information


Plan well

  • create, evaluate, and save several scenarios
  • compare your fleet capacity to your fixed and optional cargoes


Communicate efficiently

  • easy to understand visual representation of your schedule
  • in-app communication on specific scenarios and voyages


A critical need for efficient and effective voyage management is the ability to execute a plan and adapt it to real-time events in a dynamic environment. Achieving on-time, low-cost freight delivery requires advanced strategic planning. FAS helps you optimise your plan down to the level of individual shipments and vessels– improving resource utilisation, reducing costs, improving productivity and boost asset utilisation.

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