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When it comes to maritime freight and logistics, accessibility of information is often limited and its visualisation challenging. This has a negative impact on vessel utilisation, contract fulfilment, cost efficiency and profitability.

Efficient visibility of planning data responsive to real-time operational changes is a much-desired goal for most transport operations, and the new Fleet Plans module in Fleet Allocation and Scheduling is even better at providing exactly that.

What is the Fleet Plans module?

The Fleet Plans module gives you a holistic picture of your fleet in all aspects of operations. It provides an overview of all vessels in the fleet, their current status and the status of their cargo. You can easily edit schedules to efficiently generate schedules and adapt them to any, possibly last-minute, required changes. 

All commitments and scheduled voyages are visible in real-time on the open positions´ board. It shows when the vessel will arrive at each port on the voyage, and how much cargo will be on board. Seeing the status and use of each of your assets means that you can make even more calculated business decisions. The board highlights how you perform against your contractual constraints, thus shaping awareness of both scheduling challenges, potentials and reducing your waiting time and missed laycans.

For both voyages and cargoes, drag and drop makes it simple to create schedules, generate new insights, and act on any insights by managing your fleet’s allocation.


  • Control your Schedule

The Fleet Plans module gives you facts about your assets and how your assets are used. The tools needed to monitor and improve future voyages and vessel utilisation in your schedule are right there at your fingertips. Whether you want immediate indication if something deviates from the plan or if you’re going to analyse trends and identify weak points, with FAS, you are always in control.

  • Gain Deep Understanding

With easy back and forth between the general and detailed information, you gain a deep understanding of over-and under-capacity challenges, as well as schedule weaknesses. You can quickly navigate between seeing the entire fleet, a trade, a vessel type, or your chosen set of vessels. This way you are able to identify and address potential problems and deficiencies in your schedule, as well as identify opportunities for improvement.

In order to understand the regional imbalances and the global distribution of vessels, the information may be grouped by loading or unloading areas that you can freely define for your purpose. This enables you to determine quickly where ships are available, assess the current situation, and find the best scheduling solution.

  • Maximize Vessel Utilisation

Efficient cargo management consists of the ability to drag and drop cargoes between voyages and immediately see the impact on vessel utilisation, fuel consumption, or adherence to laycans. Before you settle for an optimal solution, you can test a variety of cargoes. Furthermore, you can respond at short notice to disruptions in the schedule.

As a result, increased utilisation of your vessels can be one of the driving forces to improve your overall result.  

  • Manage your capacity and costs

View your fixed and optional cargoes grouped by trade and time period and see how this compares with the vessel capacity available at the same time. Early awareness of over- and under-capacity of demand in operating regions enables you to send your vessels where they are needed as well as to adjust your prices depending on your capacities. You can use this information to reduce ballast and drive maximum revenue for the business.

Given these characteristics, FAS and its new Fleet Plans module enable you to make timely business decisions in many parts of your business, e.g. capacity planning, voyage allocation and scheduling, overall arrival reliability, and cargo management. It gives you the ability to monitor and manage the performance of your fleet, allowing you to make decisions that directly impact both your bottom line and your operations on the basis of facts. 

FAS has one goal – to provide you with the information you need when you need it and in a more visual way so you can interact with it more easily. Our mission is to make a complicated process as straightforward as possible for you.

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